Top 12 Michael Dudikoff Quotes

#1. SELF PORTRAIT: Throwing Armfuls of Air into the Air

Jandy Nelson

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#2. What was over couldn't be begun, and what couldn't be cured must be endured;

Charles Dickens

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#3. Choose something you like to do. I know it's a cliche, and you've heard it over and over. But the reason is, you're going to have to work long and hard to achieve any success. You better like it or life is going to be terrible.

Bill Kurtis

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#4. The truth is considered hatred by those who hate the truth.

Auliq Ice

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#5. It was the time of year that makes every poet's heart sing and every lawyer question their life choices.

Portia Porter

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#6. A hunt leader could not show fear, or let it linger in his stomach, for others would sense it soon enough, taste that fear and become possessed by it. They would hesitate when an order was given, and uncertainty would claim their life as readily as the blade of the enemy.

Raymond E. Feist

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#7. My legacy to me is-when I drop dead and they're at my funeral - I want my three kids to get up and say, 'He's an awesome dad'.

Dana White

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#8. To me, voluntary simplicity means integration and awareness in my life.

Duane Elgin

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#9. You can do anything when the alternative is unacceptable.

Denise Grover Swank

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#10. I am often struck by the dangerous narcissism fostered by spiritual rhetoric that pays so much attention to individual self-improvement and so little to the practice of love within the context of community.

Bell Hooks

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#11. You say to me 'Show me your God.' I answer you, 'Everything you see in your heart that might sadden God, remove.'

Saint Augustine

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#12. Why does this person who is sitting behind a desk and never watches cartoons is arguing about what cartoons should be like. Its so creepy realizing that this person is a lunatic.

Jhonen Vasquez

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