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Top 12 Memories Captured Quotes

#1. There were so many of these moments that could never be captured accurately, even in the camcorder, only in the heart. - Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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#2. If our lives and our faith are centered on Jesus Christ and his restored gospel, nothing can ever go permanently wrong. On the other hand, if our lives are not centered on the Savior and his teachings, no other success can ever be permanently right. - Author: Howard W. Hunter
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#3. A man is made of memories. It is all we are. Captured moments, the smell of a place, scenes played out time and again on a small stage. We are memories, strung on storylines
the tales we tell ourselves about ourselves, falling through our lives into tomorrow. - Author: Mark Lawrence
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#4. It drove me as a kid. I couldn't bear the idea that I wasn't the smartest. Then I got put in a B stream for four years at my school. And that was the making of me in a weird way. - Author: Lenny Abrahamson
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#5. I was very nervous at the beginning of Hotel du Nord. - Author: Marcel Carne
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#6. The music is in the air. Take as much as you want. - Author: Edward Elgar
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#7. Memory is all we are. Moments and feelings, captured in amber, strung on filaments of reason. Take a man's memories and you take all of him. Chip away a memory at a time and you destroy him as surely as if you hammered nail after nail through his skull. - Author: Mark Lawrence
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#8. Just about everything a Nice Guy does is consciously or unconsciously calculated to gain someone's approval or to avoid disapproval. - Author: Robert A. Glover
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#9. The definition of a revolution: it destroys the perfect and enables the impossible. - Author: Seth Godin
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#10. The Communists have no need to introduce free love; it has existed almost from time immemorial. - Author: Karl Marx
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#11. Being a Leader is not about Making Yourself
More Powerful .. It's About Making People around You More Powerful !!! - Author: Naveen Reddy
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#12. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is a determination that there is something more important than fear. - Author: David Paul Kirkpatrick
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