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#1. The only thing that's ours to accept is the fact that we don't always get to know the answers. - Author: Sarah Ockler
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#2. Doubt treats God's Word as human advice - but we should see doubt as a reminder of our need to pray. - Author: Jim George
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#3. I run my finger along the crease of the envelope, feel the weight of history inside. Wherever I'm going next, these are coming with me. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#4. I have a Ph.D. in masturbation. - Author: Amelie Nothomb
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#5. A study of the panics of 1873, 1893, and 1907 indicates that these panics were the result of the international bankers' operations in London. - Author: Eustace Mullins
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#6. She'd seen it with Isabelle, the way things could become so permeated with memories that story was more important than function. - Author: Erica Bauermeister
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#7. The central idea in The Black Swan is that: rare events cannot be estimated from empirical observation since they are rare. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#8. It's an incredibly supportive and friendly field. Older people want to foster and help younger people. Which is not true of all creative fields, but it is true of comics, and it is true of radio. - Author: Jessica Abel
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#9. This is why people are so hard to understand. I cannot even estimate their gravitational pull. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#10. The sun and the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago ... had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands. - Author: Henry Ellis
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#11. I know I've got to learn to believe in myself. - Author: Mary Docter
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