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#1. War is the statesman's game, the priest's delight, the lawyer's jest, the hired assassin's trade. - Author: Percy Bysshe Shelley
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#2. Most people's personalities and roles are locked by the time they're nine or 10. I think there's something to that. - Author: Don Hertzfeldt
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#3. He was wearing a blue tracksuit that had a white tick mark embroidered at the hip, as if he approved of something. It - Author: Manu Joseph
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#4. As a child, I loved to read books. The library was a window to the world, a pathway to worlds and people far from my neighborhood in Philadelphia. - Author: Ed Bradley
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#5. Because a thing is eloquently expressed it should not be taken to be as necessarily true; nor because it is uttered with stammering lips should it be supposed false. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#6. He is incredibly handsome. You never realized before how beautiful evil could be. - Author: Teresa Lo
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#7. I am really bothered when I see my friends facing problems back in Iran, but I tell them that not all the doors are shut. - Author: Bahman Ghobadi
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#8. I'm a bad person, like you, in the same way that you are a good person, like me. - Author: Bob Ong
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#9. A champion of the workingman has never been known to die of overwork. - Author: Robert Frost
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#10. Fishing is still elemental in the most elemental sense of the word - an activity composed of water and air and light and space, all arranged in precarious balance around a central idea of a man in a boat, waiting for a bite. - Author: Samanth Subramanian
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#11. He comes in entirely as an outsider. He lets his mind wander. He's not endangering his academic position because he doesn't have one, and he can take those risks, - Author: Alexandra Robbins
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#12. Civilization merely develops man's capacity for a greater variety of sensations, and ... absolutely nothing else. And through the development of this capacity, man may yet come to find pleasure in the spilling of blood. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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