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#1. People who watch 'Transporter' are maybe asking a little less about reality, being serious, and so on. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#2. I'm not a fan of action movies. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#3. another billion deaths in the months that followed from mass starvation - from a mere 1.5-megaton regional nuclear war. - Author: Richard Rhodes
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#4. Action movies today are going to so fast, you can't say you're going to do everything faster and faster. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#5. 'Taken' is a really difficult project because it was a big surprise for everybody. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#6. Poem
Words from the heart
Breaking, teaching, healing
The deepest, purest form of art
Feeling - Author: Esther Spurrill Jones
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#7. I wonder which of the megaton bombs Jesus, our
President's personal savior, would have personally
dropped on the sleeping families of Baghdad? - Author: Meryl Streep
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#8. To be on the set with the actors, with the location, every day changes; every day something can go wrong. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#9. All I require of a translator is that he or she be a more gifted writer than I am, and in at least two languages, one of them mine. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#10. When I was older and I first started working, I was obsessed with buying my first Chanel jacket. I saved up my hard-earned money, went to Barneys, and bought a little black Chanel jacket. It saw many, many job interviews and many, many events. I'm not fitting into it lately, but I still have it. - Author: Nina Garcia
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#11. I think that when we look out with our underfunded liabilities and our national debt over $14 trillion, I think if we are part of that movement to get our government spending under control, I think that would be a tremendous legacy to leave. - Author: Ben Quayle
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#12. I never wanted to be a director. I came into this industry by the little door, so I never learned anything; I never went to school. Actors will tell you I'm very precise. I just have the intuition of doing things. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#13. You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. - Author: Zig Ziglar
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#14. The signal for the train's departure was a very bright red; that is about as passionate a statement as I can get into that scene. - Author: Ford Madox Ford
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#15. Throughout the Middle East, there is a great yearning for the quiet miracle of a normal life. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#16. Oh, that's great. That way, when things have quieted down, and we come up for air, or money, or re-supply, we'll get a nice explosive package from him that says "so nice to see you again" in a way that only multi-megaton yields can. - Author: Howard Tayler
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#17. life itself is anything beyond a heartless little chimera- it is as real in its weariness and bitter heartache - Author: Miles Franklin
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#18. I'm not a fan of action movies. I don't watch many action movies, I don't have a lot of references except for 70s action movies or cinema noir. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#19. A bot had to find his own way, and I'd figured out that functioning for function's sake was pointless." - Mack Megaton - Author: A. Lee Martinez
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#20. No history leads from savagery to humanitarianism, but there is one leads from the slingshot to the megaton bomb. - Author: Theodore Adorno
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#21. It seems like a lot of music today is so churned out and simple. - Author: Jonathan Davis
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#22. I like David Lynch; I like Stanley Kubrick. I'm a big fan of Kubrick. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#23. I like thrillers. My style of movies are closer to thrillers. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#24. I'm a painter. I was a graffiti artist, and I painted all over the world. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#25. Everyone makes mistakes, even if some are worse than others. Accidents happen. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#26. A loan is the scissors of friendship.
A man's own tongue may cut his throat.
The cage has no value without the bird. - Author: Idries Shah
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#27. For me, writing post-apocalyptic novels isn't so much about exploding helicopters and fifty-megaton doomsday bombs as it is about the pleasure of dealing with the best of everything that makes us human: cleverness, grit, loyalty, and self-sacrifice. - Author: Jeff Carlson
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#28. When you write a script, you always think about what your heart is asking. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#29. The most difficult thing to do is drama. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#30. I like to discover new things. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#31. We are dealing with a fundamental characteristic, inherent in human nature, a potentiality given to all or most human beings at birth, which most often is lost or buried or inhibited as the person gets enculturated. - Author: Abraham Maslow
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#32. Especially on 'Taken,' 'Taken' was not a big success the day of its release. It was released in France first, and it didn't do bad, but not as good as it did in the U.S. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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#33. A peacetime draft is the most un-American thing I know. - Author: George Wald
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#34. When you make a movie, you really have to be clever and smart, find something new for the worldwide audience because you aren't making a movie for just France or Germany; it's for everyone in the world. - Author: Olivier Megaton
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