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Top 16 Mega Church Quotes

#1. Davis leaned over his former mother-in-law, put - Author: James Patterson
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#2. Jesus wept:
This Prophet, Priest, King
Has a: Holy, Priesthood, Chosen!
This Refugee, Homeless, Healer
Has a Celebrity, TV, Mega - church?
God business to show business.
Where did it go wrong?
Jesus weeps. - Author: David Holdsworth
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#3. I am like a blind runner, just show me the path and I will do the running - Author: Vikas Rao
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#4. What if evangelical mega churches became known around the world for things like providing water access for entire countries or fighting to end the AIDS pandemic? Imagine what integrity that would give to the good news we preach, especially the gospel that Jesus declares is good news to the poor. - Author: Shane Claiborne
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#5. I grew up in a kibbutz in the Galilee, but we were surrounded by Arabic villages, so I heard all these sounds and all this music. My father was very close friends with one of the Bedouin tribes, so I would always go there, to weddings, and I was always very fascinated by that music. - Author: Maya Beiser
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#6. Our grandfathers lived in a world of largely self-sufficient, inward-looking national economies - but our great-great grandfathers lived, as we do, in a world of large-scale international trade and investment, a world destroyed by nationalism. - Author: Paul Krugman
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#7. Before the whole world, I accuse you, German intellectuals, you non-Nazis, as those truly guilty of all these Nazi crimes, all this lamentable breakdown of a great people
a destruction which shames the whole white race ... - Author: Bronislaw Huberman
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#8. It takes a certain maturity of mind to accept that nature works as steadily in rust as in rose petals. - Author: Esther Warner Dendel
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#9. In real life I've learned to love not wearing any makeup whatsoever, and I'm super low-maintenance when it comes to my hair. - Author: Leighton Meester
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#10. Football is a simple game. It's just very hard to play it simple. - Author: Johan Cruijff
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#11. It is well that the earth is round that we do not see too far ahead. - Author: Meryl Streep
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#12. I was always frightened by taverns. They just seemed like very unpleasant places to go. - Author: Matt Groening
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#13. God did not force Salvation on humanity; He made it a gift dependent on the free will of the recipient because He is not interested in numbers. Mega Churches are numbers. Matthew 7:13-14. - Author: Felix Wantang
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#14. The dubious achievement in travel these days is enduring the persistent nuisance of a succession of airports in order to arrive at a distant place for a brief interlude of the exotic, - Author: Paul Theroux
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#15. The law of nature is such that everyone gets happiness according to their needs. The 'tender' that everyone (of us) fills out, is indeed fulfilled. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#16. I'm about five seconds away from going to kick Jonathan's mom's ass, and then kicking her mom's ass afterward to teach them both a lesson. - Author: Mariana Zapata
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