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Top 11 Mechanospiritual Quotes

#1. For more than 40 years, I have advocated the creation of a 'round the clock' community. This would mean, at the least, housing, schools and shops of various kinds alongside the commercial buildings. That kind of community had appeared in lower Manhattan in nascent form before Sept. 11, 2001. - Author: David Rockefeller
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#2. The less you reveal, the more people can wonder. - Author: Emma Watson
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#3. We are all yeses. We are worthy enough, we passed inspection, we survived the great fetal oocyte extinctions. In that sense, at least
call it a mechanospiritual sense
we are meant to be. We are good eggs, every one of us. - Author: Natalie Angier
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#4. [Our lab uses] a desktop inkjet printer, but instead of using ink, we're using cells. - Author: Anthony Atala
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#5. When people come together and discuss their differences based on life issues that are shared, it brings about successful changes. - Author: Ellen J. Barrier
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#6. Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind. - Author: James Russell Lowell
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#7. I don't really like to sit around the house listening to my own records. They're not that good. - Author: David Johansen
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#8. In 1971, when I was 29, I wrote my first volume of poetry. I am a poet, and I have published four books of my poems. - Author: Tony Buzan
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#9. We have to unclutter our brains from worries that maybe people don't like us. Women tend to worry about popularity; it doesn't matter if they like you. They need to respect you. They need to show that respect for you in your pay check. And that needs to be okay. - Author: Mika Brzezinski
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#10. My music, it breathes. It's the mysticism of sound. I'm a sound seeker, and I'm enthralled with it, by what it can do to change the molecules and uplift people. They feel something when we play. I can't take authorship for that. I can take that I'm in service. - Author: Charles Lloyd
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#11. Most middle-class people I know don't really live like me. Middle-class people worry a lot about money. They worry a lot about job security, and they do a lot of nine-to-five stuff. - Author: Irvine Welsh
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