Top 26 Mechai Viravaidya Quotes

#1. I left the government because I saw the only way to get family planning moving, was to do it outside the government. I was never disillusioned with government.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#2. Just as I've always known there are monsters in the world, monsters and things even more evil, I've always known that it is God who keeps evil at bay.

Patricia Briggs

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#3. People were having sex before I was born. My parents had sex before I was born, nothing to do with me. I'm not trying to stop sex. I'm trying to stop people from dying from sex.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#4. Never eat while doing something else, because you won't get the satisfaction from your food and you'll be more likely to overeat.

Bethenny Frankel

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#5. Take No as a question.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#6. Because there are no fours.

Antoine Walker

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#7. AIDS is still around. Therefore, you have to practice safe sex.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#8. I get up every day, do the best that I can do, and go home and have a good time.

Ina Garten

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#9. Most people don't want to work in commercial sex. They have little choice.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#10. Here now. You got no call to paint me like some bratty

Jack Tyree

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#11. We're the ones causing global warming. In fact, what we ought to be saying is population growth is a major cause of it, so I hope to have a T-shirt out very, very soon: Stop global warming, use condoms.

Mechai Viravaidya

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Arthur Conan Doyle

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#13. Everybody's over here to make money for themselves.

Betty Hill

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#14. The infinity of All ever bringing forth anew, and even as infinite space is around us, so is infinite potentiality, capacity, reception, malleability, matter.

Giordano Bruno

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#15. I am writing yesterday as tomorrow, tomorrow as yesterday and today as now.

Kieran Jamie Lee

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#16. In the Buddhist scriptures, it said many births cause suffering, so Buddhism is not against family planning.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#17. Humans, in the day that has been the Earth, have been here for less than a minute. We're a late-night piss in the toilet, that's all we are.

Matt Haig

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#18. People like to have fun and they like to laugh. And when you laugh, it's much easier to convince people and they laugh with you, rather than being angry. And I think laughter's always nice and I've always liked it.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#19. Hahahaha, so watching him giving a lecture is an aphrodisiac?

Ika Natassa

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#20. Didn't Notai ships usually have long names? Like Ineluctable Ascendancy of Mind Unfolding or The Finite Contains the Infinite Contains the Finite? Both of those ship names were fictional, characters in more or less famous melodramatic entertainments.

Ann Leckie

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#21. I find it disturbing that men who are products of highly developed economies come to a developing nation solely to exploit their women and their children.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#22. What I got, unconsciously, from admiring Fred Astaire was that he didn't want what he was doing to look difficult. What was difficult, in my opinion, was making it look so genuine, so effortless. I equally have tried to remain unseen on the screen.

Stanley Donen

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#23. The condom has saved so many lives, and it'll save so many more lives. We really owe a great deal to the rubber tree.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#24. When you start learning how to give when you're young, when you get older it is second nature. Just like stealing. Start young and you keep on stealing forever. Ask my politicians.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#25. What could I do with $1 million? What can I do with the satisfaction that I perhaps today helped somebody to have a better life. That's real reward. The million dollars, nothing.

Mechai Viravaidya

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#26. She was the sexy librarian unpinning her hair and taking off her glasses for him.

Lauren Blakely

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