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#1. In all human affairs there are efforts and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result. - Author: James Lane Allen
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#2. The freedom to fail is vital if you're going to succeed. Most successful people fail from time to time, and it is a measure of their strength that failure merely propels them into some new attempt at success. - Author: Michael Korda
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#3. The reduction of nuclear arsenals and the removal of the threat of worldwide nuclear destruction is a measure, in my judgment, ofthe power and strength of a great nation. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#4. The joy of the mind is the measure of its strength. - Author: Ninon De L'Enclos
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#5. The measure of a man's estimate of your strength," he finally told them, "is the kind of weapons he feels that he must use in order to hold you fast in a prescribed place. - Author: Isabel Wilkerson
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#6. I believe that you measure the health or strength of a church by its sending capacity rather than its seating capacity. - Author: Rick Warren
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#7. Don't look for a soul mate.
Make one
out of the complex fabric of the human being already with you.
Instructions are never included. They vary with the strength of your ability to see, the measure of your selective blindness, the limits of your mercy, and the intensity of your desire. - Author: Vera Nazarian
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#8. The carrying power of a bridge is not the average strength of the pillars, but the strength of the weakest pillar. I have always believed that you do not measure the health of a society by GNP but by the condition of its worst off. - Author: Zygmunt Bauman
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#9. The strength of love is beyond measure. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#10. Anyone can battle for pride, power, vanity, greed, or hate, but war should always be approached with an equal measure of wisdom and strength. It's not just enough to know when to fight, but to know when to lay down the sword and negotiate. Not everything in the world is worth fighting for. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#11. Isn't that cheating?
Tfu! She expects you to cheat! Masha, whom I love: These tasks do not test your strength or your wiliness; they test your ability to cheat, which is the truest measure of a devil. They are designed to be impossible if you play fair. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#12. I suppose that one's years spent living do not reflect a measure of our souls or strength of character. - Author: Peter Koevari
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#13. The Christian must know that the season, measure, and continuance of his sufferings are appointed by Infinite Wisdom, and designed to work for his everlasting good; and that grace and strength shall be afforded him according to his need. - Author: John Newton
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#14. It's impossible to measure the type of mental strength and determination that's required to be an elite wrestler. - Author: Joe Rogan
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#15. More of that hair-raising energy rolled out of Vlad, until I was rubbing my arms to chase the tingling sensations away. Was this what Marty meant when he told me vampires could measure each others' strength by feeling their auras? If so, then Vlad's had Badass: Do Not Engage written all over it. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#16. The measure of a man is his state of mind. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#17. It is of the greatest important in this world that a man should know himself, and the measure of his own strength and means; and he who knows that he has not a genius for fighting must learn how to govern by the arts of peace. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#18. It is only the immeasurable, the limitless that terrifies us. That which is set within defined, fixed limits is a challenge to our powers, comes to be the measure of our strength. - Author: Stefan Zweig
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#19. Our opinions partake, more or less, of the prejudices of our class, party, or sect. We are all largely pledged, through interest, affection, or passion, to particular classes of opinion, and the strength of efforts to get released from these pledges, is the measure of our advancement. - Author: Christian Nestell Bovee
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#20. To become an ace a fighter must have extraordinary eyesight, strength, and agility, a huntsman's eye, coolness in a pinch, calculated recklessness, a full measure of courage and occasional luck! - Author: Jimmy Doolittle
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#21. It is up to us to add labors to labors in order to go from strength to strength (Ps. 83:7), and to come to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (Eph. 4:13)? - Author: Seraphim Of Sarov
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#22. We should measure affection, not like youngsters by the ardor of its passion, but by its strength and constancy. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#23. In ancient times, bodily strength and dexterity, being of greater use and importance in war, was also much more esteemed and valued, than at present ... In short, the different ranks of men are, in a great measure, regulated by riches. - Author: David Hume
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#24. God does not measure the precepts of his law by human strength, but, after ordering what is right, freely bestows on his elect the power of fulfilling it. - Author: John Calvin
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#25. Don't believe the negative criticisms.
You are capable beyond measure - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#26. All things for all men, since all men have need of them, since all men worked to produce them in the measure of their strength, and since it is not possible to evaluate everyone's part in the production of the world's wealth ... All is for all! - Author: Peter Kropotkin
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#27. The measure of a person's strength is not his muscular power or strength, but it is his flexibility and adaptability. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#28. In suffering, we find the true measure of our strength. - Author: Brent Weeks
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#29. A true measure of strength is to use your hands to incapacitate somebody. - Author: Aaron Eckhart
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#30. As will so often be the case when a men has a pen in his hand. It is like a club or sledge-hammer, in using which, either for defence or attack, a man can hardly measure the strength of the blows he gives. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#31. Time - and all the events held therein - plays out as it must. We cannot impose our will on it. The only true measure of strength is our ability to bear that which time demands. - Author: Michelle Zink
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#32. When you have worn out yourshoes, the strength of the shoe leather has passed into the fiber ofyour body. I measure your health by the number of shoes and hats andclothes you have worn out. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#33. Life has three rules: Paradox, Humor, and Change.
- Paradox: Life is a mystery; don't waste your time trying to figure it out.
- Humor: Keep a sense of humor, especially about yourself. It is a strength beyond all measure
- Change: Know that nothing ever stays the same. - Author: Dan Millman
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#34. In those days, men proved their strength and manliness by being well mannered, helpful, and gentle. Just how gentle they could be under trying circumstances, how civilised they could be in a harsh world, that was the measure of a man. - Author: Terry Lee Rioux
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#35. The premise that America's power and influence was rooted in its wealth was wrong to begin with. To the contrary, our strength comes from America's magical stuff. It is something intangible, something invulnerable, something no measure of evil, no amount of violence or bloodshed can destroy. - Author: Rick Elkin
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#36. For we Germans are snoring, buried in sleep and wine, and we are destitute of leaders who could measure up in wisdom, strategy, and strength of heart to manage such great undertakings. - Author: Martin Luther
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#37. Our ability to handle life's challenges is a measure of our strength of character. - Author: Les Brown
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#38. You can measure the true strength of a man by how well he controls others, but you measure his true power by how well he controls himself - Author: Amari Soul
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#39. Prayer is a great tower of strength, a pillar of unending righteousness, a mighty force that moves mountains and saves souls. Through it the sick are healed, the dead are raised, and the Holy Spirit is poured out without measure upon the faithful. - Author: Bruce R. McConkie
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#40. The greatness of the man's power is the measure of his surrender. - Author: William Booth
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#41. [Courage] arises in a great measure from the consciousness of strength ... - Author: Edward Gibbon
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