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#1. The culmination of every supreme nationalism is a consummate universalism. - Author: Nicos Hadjicostis
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#2. I want to work on the 'True Blood' comic for as long as they'll let me. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#3. One of the greatest things about playing a villain is people wondering when he's going to make his comeback. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#4. As long as I breathe, I hope. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#5. Most stories in 'True Blood' take place over a short amount of time. I think the entire three seasons of the show have only spanned a month and a half of those characters' lives. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#6. I'm sort of killing two birds with one stone here, getting to write for 'True Blood' and being able to put myself in a comic at the same time. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#7. I give everyone a chance to prove themselves before I dismiss them. - Author: Terry McMillian
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#8. about my experiences while living with a fatigued, pregnant woman. I'm going to entitle it, The Girl with the Draggin' Caboose. - Author: McMillian Moody
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#9. I've got an original graphic novel called 'The Indian and the Bandit' that I'm writing with a childhood friend. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#10. Solving problems is at the foundation of our survival. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#11. You can live each day in a world filled with 'problems,' or rise each morning and embrace a world filled with unseen solutions ... eager for you to find them. The decision is yours ... both worlds exist. The one you choose is the one you will create. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#12. I grew up in the Midwest and had a lot of exposure to big religion. I went to church every Sunday - my mother even sang in the choir - and most families I knew where practicing Christians. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#13. I really want to do a 'True Blood-Six Feet Under' comic book crossover. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#14. Sometimes things just click. The one contribution I tried to do, was shield the staff from the corporate politics that occur on any show. But yes, we all got along very well. - Author: Joe Murray
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#15. I remember the first job I ever had was working on 'Firefly,' and I was talking to Joss Whedon, and he was asking if I was going to Comic-Con. He called me a loser for not going that first year. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#16. When I approached Volume 1 of 'Lucid,' I realized I could tell something that only exists in four issues, or I could roll the dice a bit and approach this as Season 1 of a TV show. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#17. Co-writing the 'True Blood' comic is a dream come true both as a performer on the show and as longtime comic fan. It's a real privilege to build on the rapidly growing 'True Blood' mythology. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#18. I'm hooked on 'Game of Thrones.' I'm a fan of the books and the show. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#19. Decide to be HAPPY when you start your day.React with JOY whatever comes your way.You may be hurt by what people say ,but don't let anyone spoil your day.-RVM - Author: R.v.m.
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#20. For every problem, there exists a solution ... and at the very least ... an opportunity. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#21. What you believe and focus on becomes your reality. - Author: Michael McMillian
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#22. Now for good lucke, cast an old shooe after mee. - Author: John Heywood
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#23. Marriage is an expression of love and respect and trust and faith in the future, but the union of husband and wife is also an alliance against the challenges and tragedies of life, a promise that with me in your corner, you will never stand alone. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#24. your need to consume calories on a regular schedule will diminish substantially when blood glucose levels are moderated and you start burning fat and ketones more efficiently through low-insulin - Author: Mark Sisson
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#25. Creating a world that is truly fit for children does not imply simply the absence of war ... It means having primary schools nearby that educate children, free of charge ... It means building a world fit for children, where every child can grow to adulthood in health, peace and dignity. - Author: Carol Bellamy
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#26. the Los Angeles Times surmised that "hippies, property owners, . . . and police are involved in a conflict with social overtones that far transcend Venice." The police hated the hippies, "whom they regarded as wastrels infiltrated by hard-core criminals and left-wing political extremists. - Author: John McMillian
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