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#1. I think art, if it's meaningful at all, is a conversation with other artists. You say something, they say something, you move back and forth. - Author: John Baldessari
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#2. Cracker Jacks don't count as junk food because they're corn and peanuts, which we know to be high in nutrition. And they have a prize inside. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#3. I'm lighter now in a lot of ways. - Author: Candy Crowley
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#4. Ecological disturbance causes diseases to emerge. Shake a tree, and things fall out. Nearly all zoonotic diseases result from infection by one of six kinds of pathogen: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protists (a group of - Author: David Quammen
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#5. I like playing characters who are out there on the edge, where they can explode at any moment or fall off the precipice. - Author: Jessica Lange
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#6. We have to go through certain things in order to appreciate life and learn lessons. - Author: Mariah Carey
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#7. I am absolutely opposed to political correctness. You cannot confront hate speech until you've experienced it. You need to hear every side of the issue instead of just one. - Author: Jane Elliott
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#8. Till you can sing and rejoice and delight in God as misers do in gold, and kings in scepters, you can never enjoy the world. - Author: Thomas Traherne
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#9. My sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director. - Author: Cole Porter
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#10. The earth is four-fifths water, that's a lot of room to hide, so the great trick of naval warfare has always been to find the enemy before he finds you. You're finished, if you can't do that, and all the courage and sacrifice in the world simply adds up to a lost war. - Author: Alan Furst
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#11. A game one of my sisters will play with me in my first year of being alive is called Good Baby, Bad Baby. This consists of being told I am a good baby until I smile and laugh, then being told I am a bad baby until I burst into tears. This training will stand me in good stead all through my life. - Author: Ali Smith
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#12. When the external factors over which one has no control in a way start to become negative, it starts to affect our creative juices. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#13. Most of the people we see don't want to live in a shelter and feel save in their own little camp. Experience has taught me that almost 100 percent of these people suffered abuse as children. Well over half have emotional, mental problems. Most have drug and alcohol problems. - Author: John Gallagher Jr.
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#14. Hell is when we look back during the fraction of a second and know that we wasted an opportunity to dignify the miracle of life. Paradise is being able to say at the moment I made some mistakes, but I wasn't a coward. I Lived my life and did what I had to do - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#15. Violence and fraud can create no right. - Author: Algernon Sidney
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