Top 9 Mayonaisse Quotes

#1. Love is like mayonaisse: when it separates, you've got to throw it away and start again.

Enrique Jardiel Poncela

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#2. What, Sheamus? Oh no, I can see him ... he's pretty pale ... What? oh no, he's even whiter than that. He's like a jar of mayonaisse with eyeballs and a ketchup haircut.

John Cena

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#3. A racing driver has to be a good driver.

Emerson Fittipaldi

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#4. I don't mind close-ups, I like them, but they're kind of forceful - you see a lot, you get a lot of information in a close-up. There's less mystery.

David Duchovny

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#5. Many people - and I think I am one of them - are more productive when they've had a little to drink. I find if I drink two or three brandies, I'm far better able to write.

David Ogilvy

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#6. Our God is a God of order, and a God who works by means, and we have no right to expect His cause to be kept up by constant miraculous interpositions, while His servants stand idle.

J.C. Ryle

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#7. When belief in God becomes difficult, the tendency is to turn away from Him; but in heaven's name to what?

Gilbert K. Chesterton

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#8. Design that moves others comes from issues that move you.

Jennifer Morla

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#9. But of all plagues, good Heaven, thy wrath can send, Save me, oh, save me, from the candid friend!

George Canning

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