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Top 24 Maya Deren Quotes

#1. Facts of the mind made manifest in a fiction of matter,' as my friend the late Maya Deren once phrased the mystery.

Joseph Campbell

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#2. Myth is the facts of the mind made manifest in a fiction of matter.

Maya Deren

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#3. It is not morbidity which draws crowds to scenes of disaster or unusual joy. It is the desire to participate in a moment when life breaks through to some higher level of intensity so that one's own life might take fire from that sudden spurted flame.

Maya Deren

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#4. I am not greedy. I do not seek to possess the major portion of your days. I am content if, on those rare occasions whose truth can be stated only by poetry, you will, perhaps, recall an image, even only the aura of my films.

Maya Deren

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#5. You're not my type.
I've heard this before and I don't believe her. Hell, I'm everyone's type! Eventually.

K.A. Tucker

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#6. Martin Luther King, Jr., would have been the last person to have wanted his iconization and his heroism. He was an enormously guilt-laden man. He was drenched in a sense of shame about his being featured as the preeminent leader of African-American culture and the civil rights movement.

Michael Eric Dyson

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#7. If I'm feeling healthy - like, I've eaten well and have drank a lot of water and have clothes that feel good - I feel good.

Jess Glynne

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#8. Use your freedom to experiment with visual ideas.

Maya Deren

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#9. My favorite film is "Meshes in the Afternoon," a short avant garde film directed by Maya Deren. This was the first film that I saw that was actually directed by a woman.

Chris Hegedus

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#10. The task of cinema or any other art form is not to translate hidden messages of the unconscious soul into art but to experiment with the effects contemporary technical devices have on nerves, minds, or souls.

Maya Deren

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#11. The speed with which WikiLeaks went from niche interest to global prominence was a real-time example of the revolutionizing power of the digital age in which information can spread instantly across the globe through networked individuals.

Heather Brooke

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#12. Even the lowliest, provided he is whole, can be happy, and in his own . way, perfect.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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#13. You know what they say, Two pairs a company, cheese a croud

Annoying Orange

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#14. With faith, I know that everything will be taken care of. Even the difficult times become learning experiences to help make my faith stronger.

Torii Hunter

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#15. And what more could I possibly ask as an artist than that your most precious visions, however rare, assume sometimes the forms of my images.

Maya Deren

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#16. What if everyone goes on the endless road Sooner or later Over the clouds to the sky Be sure to wait for me. And then, we will talk away About our countless memories.

Ayumi Hamasaki

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#17. I make my pictures for what Hollywood spends on lipstick,

Maya Deren

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#18. I mean, it was a mummy movie. It was a good film independent of its source. It that looks like Lawrence of Arabia on steroids in a lot of ways.

Brendan Fraser

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#19. The way back is always shorter.

Maya Deren

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#20. I was inspired by Maya Deren because she was the first woman filmmaker whose films I saw. I also loved Fellini and Goddard because they were so different from Hollywood films. But when I saw the cinema verite films that were made by Drew Associates with Leacock and Pennebaker I found my passion.

Chris Hegedus

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#21. I would want to create an amphitheater outside of California where I would play everyday, and then people would have to come to me. I would create all this crazy stage decor and film it. Or I would just stay inside my home and do films. I would be like the modern Maya Deren.

Lykke Li

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#22. Art is actually based on the notion that if you would really celebrate an idea or a principle, you must think, you must plan, you must put yourself completely in the state of devotion, and not simply give the first thing that comes to your head

Maya Deren

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#23. Two men could be just alike in all their dispositions to verbal behavior under all possible sensory stimulations, and yet themeanings or ideas expressed in their identically triggered and identically sounding utterances could diverge radically, for the two men, in a wide range of cases.

Willard Van Orman Quine

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#24. You're still the same Ramsey I danced with, he said softly.

Markelle Grabo

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