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#1. I can't imagine a human being so hard up for something to do as to quarrel with me. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#2. The harder it was to get, the more you want to keep it. - Author: Jay Mark Mateo Balmes
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#3. I wasn't like other boys. At any rate, I wasn't like my three elder brothers: they excelled at football and they were like other boys, going up to bed each night hugging annuals filled with stories about the glories of Pele and Danny McGrain. - Author: Andrew O'Hagan
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#4. That's the way of every human catastrophe. The douchebag is nearly indestructible. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#5. The presence of some serious budgetary myopia is obvious here, as the vast majority of money is spent on studying diseases and virtually none is spent on understanding why healthy people are healthy in the first place. - Author: Richard Matthews
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#6. Every single success you experience is a combination of two things: your effort and Allah's help. When you don't put in enough effort, Allah does not give His barakah. And sometimes you might put in a lot of effort but you may not see the result you expected. That, also, is Allah's barakah. - Author: Nouman Ali Khan
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#7. I have a coffee mug that my dad gave me years ago that has the San Mateo police logo and my dad's name on it, so I brought it to set and used it in a scene. I mean, you don't see it, it's not prominently featured, but I just wanted that connectivity. - Author: Michael Trucco
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#8. Tact is the art of convincing people that they know more than you do. - Author: Raymond Mortimer
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#9. Truth is most beautiful undraped. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#10. Like technology, newer ones understand the outdated. They understand, process and do things different.
And that doesn't make them any less valuable. - Author: Jay Mark Mateo Balmes
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#11. When I was modeling in Japan, I could blend in a little because of my hair, but my roommates with blonde hair got harassed. People would touch their hair and grope them in the subway. Actually, a lot of groping happens in the subway in Japan, but that's probably true of subways everywhere. - Author: Emmanuelle Vaugier
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#12. The less said about the putter the better. Here is an instrument of torture, designed by Tantalus and forged in the devil's own smithy. - Author: Tony Lema
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#13. What makes you different doesn't make you inappropriate and unfit; just different and not always in a bad way. - Author: Jay Mark Mateo Balmes
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#14. If the state polls are right, then Mr. Obama will win the Electoral College. If you can't acknowledge that after a day when Mr. Obama leads 19 out of 20 swing-state polls, then you should abandon the pretense that your goal is to inform rather than entertain the public. - Author: Nate Silver
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#15. All he knew was all those empty rooms inside him were somehow filled when Mateo was around. - Author: Riley Hart
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#16. Because Mateo Torres is loud, and I'm quiet. Because he's reckless, and I'm cautious. Because he belongs everywhere, and I don't.
Because I think I'm in danger of falling in love with him. - Author: Cora Carmack
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#17. The concept of 'different' confines to nothing but mobility. We can be both commonplace and unique depending on the ground we occupy and the people we engage with. - Author: Jay Mark Mateo Balmes
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#18. Mateo, I love you," I told him. "Please know that."
"I know that," he said. "And I don't want you to love me from afar. I want you to love me, right here, in my arms. - Author: Karina Halle
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#19. Police work was fascinating, and I didn't imagine that acting was something a kid from San Mateo, California, could really pursue. - Author: Michael Trucco
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#20. If you can't find what you're looking for, you're probably not looking hard and long enough. - Author: Jay Mark Mateo Balmes
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#21. Real firmness is good for anything; strut is good for nothing. - Author: Alexander Hamilton
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#22. A whole lot of us believers, of all different religions, are ready to turn back the tide of madness by walking together, in both the dark and the light - in other words, through life - registering voters as we go, and keeping the faith. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#23. Mateo runs up and Pablo hugs him. It's amazing, he thinks, that he never gets tired of that sensation. - Author: Don Winslow
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#24. People often hold technology responsible for infidelity. (...) But while things like Facebook, texting, and email certain make it easier for people (particularly lazy people!) to blur the boundaries of their relationships, it's still the people involved who are to blame. - Author: Erin Cossar
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#25. I want that Easter Ham. Where's my Thanksgiving Turkey? Miss Trixie snarled - Author: John Kennedy Toole
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#26. Act not just react. Take 'HE' out of 'WHINE,' you get 'WIN.' Spare yourself from the trap of the destructive habit called 'complaining. - Author: Jay Mark Mateo Balmes
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#27. What is the true test of character unless it be its progressive development in the bustle and turmoil, in the action and reaction of daily life. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#28. You always make me get so fuckin' emotional. I'd get my ass beat if anyone saw me the way I am with you. - Author: Riley Hart
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