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Top 14 Masoom Movie Quotes

#1. I've played a lot in Las Vegas in my life. - Author: Julio Iglesias
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#2. One lives in the hope of becoming a memory. - Author: Antonio Porchia
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#3. I ... have another cup of coffee with my mother. We get along very well, veterans of a guerrilla war we never understood. - Author: Joan Didion
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#4. Sentiment, crystallized, grows into sentimentality. It lost all spontaneity, which was the essence of feeling. It was dated
old-fashioned. - Author: Margaret Ayer Barnes
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#5. I never get to be funny on T.V. - Author: Diane Neal
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#6. She never stumbles,
she's got no place to fall.
She's nobody's child,
the law can't touch her at all. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#7. I would rather be physically disabled obviously than mentally. I would rather be paraplegic than nuts. And it is a terrifying prospect and actually the longer we live the more likely it is that that's how we will go and that's a very painful thing to contemplate. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#8. But it required a disastrous, internecine war to bring this question of human freedom to a crisis, and the process of striking the shackles from the slave was accomplished in a single hour. - Author: Wendell Willkie
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#9. Most people consider problems whose solutions don't suit them to be insoluble.
And they constantly ask questions to which they don't need truthful answers. - Author: Sergei Dovlatov
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#10. I would warn very sincerely against the pitfalls of copying photographs. A frozen, split-second bears little relationship to the continuing process of living reality. It is better to look, look again, and keep on looking. - Author: Keith Shackleton
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#11. Henry was never able to help McDonald crack Lufthansa - the - Author: Nicholas Pileggi
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#12. I'll just let time happen. I don't have to articulate what may be or what may not be. I don't even do that to myself. - Author: Cathy Freeman
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#13. A country can't love you. At most it may need you. It's much the same as people. - Author: Andre Brink
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#14. I'm an American male, Lowenstein," I said, smiling. "It's not my job to be open." "What exactly is the American male's job?" she asked. "To be maddening. To be unreadable, controlling, bull-headed, and insensitive," I said. - Author: Pat Conroy
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