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#1. The shy little Mayflower weaves her nest, But the south wind sighs o'er the fragrant loam, And betrays the path to her woodland home. - Author: Sarah Helen Whitman
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#2. I just go back to my roots. I was literally born 26 miles from Martinsville High School where Coach Wooden grew up, and then my dad coached there for four years. - Author: Steve Alford
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#3. I wanted to be an elementary school teacher my whole life. - Author: Steve Wozniak
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#4. Job understood that he was nothing more than God's invention and so too was his suffering - Author: Johnny Rich
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#5. If I have a love-hate relationship with Martinsville, then we're missing the love part of the equation. - Author: Tony Stewart
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#6. Warning note:

Do you really wonder if there's a happily ever after? Because you know that's kind of our thing, right? Look, he chases her, but it all works out. Also it's really hot. Get it! - Author: Alexa Riley
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#7. Breathing, n
You had asthma as a child, had to carry around an inhaler. But when you grew older, it went away. You could run for miles and it was fine.
Sometimes I worry that this is happening to me in reverse. The older I get, the more I lose my ability to breathe. - Author: David Levithan
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#8. I think the ordinary is a very under-exploited aspect of our lives because it is so familiar. - Author: Martin Parr
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#9. What constrains or enables the capacity of human beings to work in groups is not so much the technology, but rather the capacity of the human brain to have and monitor social interactions. - Author: Nicholas A. Christakis
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#10. Walking with Jesus is many times like walking in the eye of the storm
inner peace in the middle of chaos. - Author: Alisa Hope Wagner
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#11. I find myself hoping I can get on a TV show, and then people from Oklahoma will come to my restaurant. Then I'll be able to make enough money to open my own place. - Author: Alexandra Guarnaschelli
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#12. We see then that the principle of sexual autonomy is fundamentally antisocial. It not only retreats from social responsibility; it breeds social irresponsibility. - Author: Anthony M. Esolen
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#13. We need to capitalize on the tracks we're really, really good at. At Richmond and Martinsville, our performance and results have not been very good, even though I consider them to be among my two best racetracks. - Author: Denny Hamlin
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