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#1. I say the law should be blind to race, gender and sexual orientation, just as it claims to be blind to wealth and power. There should be no specially protected groups of any kind, except for children, the severely disabled and the elderly, whose physical frailty demands society's care. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#2. CHILD: Mummy, who was Hitler? MOTHER: Hitler? CHILD: Yeah. Who was he? MOTHER: Erm, he was a very bad man from a long time ago. CHILD: Oh. How bad? MOTHER: He was like ... he was like Voldemort. CHILD: Oh! That's really, really bad. Mother: Yes. CHILD: (Pause) So, did Harry Potter kill Hitler, too? - Author: Jen Campbell
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#3. You cannot hope for change in others, you can only work toward it in yourself. And that's hard work. - Author: Lisa Unger
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#4. I have a great tip - I have a jumping rope in the house, and I just do ten minutes of it whenever I can. You don't need to work out for hours, just ten minutes will do. - Author: Adriana Lima
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#5. It's like learning to ride a unicorn. You never forget. - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#6. Nick Young embarrassed himself. Carlos Boozer embarassed himself. Jordan Hill embarrassed himself. - Author: Stephen A. Smith
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#7. Cars and cameras are the two things I let myself be materialistic about. I don't care about other stuff. - Author: Louis C.K.
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