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#1. Scripture indicates that deception, false religions, and apostasy lead to war, and that war in turn leads to famine and pestilence. - Author: Billy Graham
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#2. Everyone is built for running. - Author: Christopher McDougall
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#3. I think both freedom of religion and freedom of expression are both fundamental human rights, everyone has not only the freedom and the right but the obligation to say what Pope Francis thinks for the common good ... we have the right to have this freedom openly without offending. - Author: Pope Francis
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#4. "And all the bars at which we fret, That seem to prison and control, Are but the doors of daring set Ajar before the soul. - Author: Kate Douglas Wiggin
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#5. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks - Author: William Camden
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#6. We end up stumbling our way through the forest, never seeing all the unexpected and wonderful possibilities and potentials because we're looking for the idea of a tree, instead of appreciating the actual trees in front of us. - Author: Charles De Lint
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#7. I love looking at famous people. Because of the way they look. Because of the way photography makes them look famous. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#8. Scientists say the European space probe that landed on the comet has detected organic matter. This means there could be either life in space or a Whole Foods. We just don't know. - Author: Conan O'Brien
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#9. For many years I have been tormented by the certainty that the most extraordinary discoveries await us in the sphere of time . We know less about time than about anything else - Author: Andrei Tarkovsky
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#10. I didn't have toys and bikes; I'd go out and pick up rocks. I was into science and nature. It was my first love. I was going to be a vet and a marine biologist. I went to university and studied biology for two weeks and I just thought: "I've been conned!" - Author: Ricky Gervais
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#11. You couldn't chaperone a fucking sloth. And that requires remedial skills like sitting and watching. - Author: Krista Ritchie
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#12. It is better to be doing the most insignificant thing than to reckon even a half-hour insignificant. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#13. The outstanding feature of behavior is that it is often quite easy to recognize but extremely difficult or impossible to describe with precision. - Author: Anatol Rapoport
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