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#1. As you write more and more personal becomes more and more universal. - Author: V. P. Kale
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#2. Far too many people have no idea of what they can do because all they have been told is what they can't do. They don't know what they want because they don't know what's available for them. - Author: Zig Ziglar
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#3. A moment is all you can expect from perfection. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#4. Many of the green places and open spaces that need protecting most today are in our own neighborhoods. In too many places, the beauty of local vistas has been degraded by decades of ill-planned and ill-coordinated development. - Author: Al Gore
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#5. What is gentlest in love is love's violence.
Losing yourself in love, you reach love's goal.
Love makes you suffer, as love makes you whole.
Love steals your everything and makes you rich.
Love is both meaningless and poetry.
Captured by love, by love you are set free. - Author: Marilyn Nelson
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#6. We must be the world we want to create. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#7. He was beautiful, but even more so in his formal attire, with his dark hair and pale eyes. His glistening sword hung at his side, and his tall boots shined in the candlelight. The - Author: Serena Valentino
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#8. Someone once said you could tell the people who were in the most successful relationships by the bite marks on their tongues. - Author: Barbara Seranella
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#9. God's call to radical generosity begins with the good news that he doesn't need us! - Author: J.D. Greear
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#10. They were twelve days in which world history wavered between two courses and the Germans came so close to victory that they reached out and touched it between the Aisne and the Marne. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
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#11. A man may be carried on in a constant course of mortification all his days; and yet perhaps never enjoy a good day of peace and consolation. - Author: John Owen
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#12. What ails us? What is the name
Of our disease? Because we cannot utter it,
It is something we cannot conjure or cure.
It is the memory before this Paradise
That is the darkness of our soul. - Author: Marne L. Kilates
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#13. My great lesson from Auschwitz is: whoever wants to dehumanize any other must first be dehumanized himself.
The oppressors are no longer really human, whatever uniform they wear. - Author: Hajo Meyer
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