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#1. Walls within walls, Bosch thought. He wondered what the owners did with all of their space besides fearfully guard it. - Author: Michael Connelly
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#2. What you're calling evil, is part of human nature. - Author: Nikolas Schreck
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#3. The art of living consists in knowing which impulses to obey and which must be made to obey. - Author: Sydney J. Harris
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#4. I know a lot of very stable gay couples. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
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#5. The risk not taken is more dangerous than the risk taken. - Author: Andy Dunn
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#6. Real art is basic emotion. If a scene is handled with simplicity - and I don't mean simple - it'll be good, and the public will know it. - Author: John Wayne
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#7. What we also know is we haven't found them [weapons of mass destruction] in Iraq - now let the survey group complete its work and give us the report ... They will not report that there was no threat from Saddam, I don't believe. - Author: Tony Blair
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#8. The more acute the experience, the less articulate its expression. - Author: Harold Pinter
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#9. I don't like the idea of 'I've played nine years, I've made some All-Star teams, I make the most money. I've got to be a leader.' That doesn't make you a leader. Treating people the right way is more important. - Author: Matt Holliday
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#10. My books are about ordinary people placed in extraordinary situations who are able to draw upon their inner reserves to challenge the status-quo in life and navigate compelling human relationships. - Author: Vikas Swarup
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#11. Over the past few years special interests have had a larger and larger say over who gets what in America, and the voices of average citizens are being shut out. - Author: Marty Meehan
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#12. I don't work. I merely inflict myself on the public. - Author: Robert Morley
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#13. with Julian and Henry and Miles. - Author: R.J. Palacio
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