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Top 13 Mark Trumbo Quotes

#1. If I am a Pariah, I will be all the more glad, for I am the disciple of a man, who - the Brahmin of Brahmins - wanted to cleanse the house of a Pariah. (here "the man" means Ramakrishna) - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#2. I can't even picture being without rock 'n'roll. - Author: Hank Ballard
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#3. ...he was a sensitive person underneath it all. Yes he could believe that, SLider thought. Only a man obsessed with hie own emotions could spread so much devastation around him. - Author: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
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#4. Jesus spoke to those who had turned their backs on history. He spoke to those who had blatantly ignored sign after sign, servant after servant. - Author: Max Lucado
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#5. Treading water, a little dog-paddling - it's a lot like writing a novel, Clark," the dump reader told his former student. "It feels like you're going a long way, because it's a lot of work, but you're basically covering old ground - you're hanging out in familiar territory. - Author: John Irving
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#6. How can we worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday? - Author: Shane Claiborne
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#7. The child psychologist's clinic: where imaginary friends go to die, where dreams go to burn, where creativity goes to drown. - Author: Rebecca McNutt
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#8. A preacher should have the skill to teach the unlearned simply roundly, and plainly; for teaching is of more importance than exhorting. - Author: Martin Luther
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#9. Recovery challenges everything we 'knew to be true'. - Author: Laurie Davidson
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#10. Health, wealth, reputation, and status are all mere ingredients of happiness. The key to true well-being is being able to manage them capably. - Author: Kentetsu Takamori
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#11. Canned music is like audible wallpaper. - Author: Alistair Cooke
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#12. When the devil sees a man or woman who really believes in prayer, who knows how to pray, and who really does pray, and, above all, when he sees a whole church on its face before God in prayer, he trembles as much as he ever did, for he knows that his day in that church or community is at an end. - Author: R.A. Torrey
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#13. There are times when silence is better than any other words in the dictionary... - Author: Francis Chalifour
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