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Top 15 Maritime Slang Sayings

#1. It wasn't until 'Thor' that I started lifting weights. It was all pretty new to me. - Author: Chris Hemsworth
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#2. This is the shape I'm in for the tournament. I feel or I felt extremely good before the match, and I did train very, very hard to get ready for the tournament. - Author: Andy Murray
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#3. Gazzy, man, jeezum!" Fang exclaimed. "What the heck have you been eating for God's sake?"
That was a smoke bomb!" Gazzy defended himself. "Not even i could fill this whole flippin' house! - Author: James Patterson
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#4. No matter how screwed up your life is today, today is just a collection of moments that stop and start whenever you want them to. And nothing upsetting matters when you know that tomorrow is gonna be better than yesterday - Author: Robyn Schneider
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#5. I hate it when people use sex as a weapon against the people who are engaging in it. It's so hypocritical. - Author: Mira Sorvino
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#6. So he was her husband, Edward might eat her, and no one's hair could rival his. - Author: Cynthia Hand
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#7. Once you give in to Buddhist beliefs, it is hard to feel emotions such as rage and sadness because nothing is real. - Author: Cindy Hope
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#8. Her stomach was in ropes, her heart in tatters. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#9. Men often struggle with their attraction to other women. They don't quite understand why they have to be with the same woman forever. - Author: George Meyer
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#10. The Way that can be walked is not the eternal Way. - Author: Laozi
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#11. Mom somehow made it to every one of my graduations - even when it meant she had to travel far away. - Author: Rick Scott
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#12. Is it fair to treat a woman worse than a man, and then revile her because she is a woman? - Author: Victoria Woodhull
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#13. I thought I was going to be a math major. My parents were both accountants and wanted me to major in business. Math was our compromise. - Author: Michael Silverblatt
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#14. I want to show audiences I can act. - Author: Jackie Chan
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#15. All I want is a little more than I'll ever get. - Author: Ashleigh Brilliant
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