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Top 9 Marilo Montero Quotes

#1. The outcast lepers would like to drag everything down in their ruin. And they become all the more evil, the more you cast them out; and the more you depict them as a court of lemurs who want your ruin, the more they will be outcast.

Umberto Eco

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#2. For a summer of drug abuse on the island of Capri, she packed a wardrobe of black Morticia gowns, dyed her hair green, and paraded through the village streets with a crystal ball, followed by a retainer in gold body paint.

Scot D. Ryersson

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#3. Women are now more aggressive than men! And I don't put them down for it. I think it's great. My attitude with sex with any woman I've ever been with is, I want you to be exactly who you want to be behind closed doors. Don't ever hold back with me.

Andrew Dice Clay

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#4. In the world, the disappointed or annoyed person seeks revenge

Sunday Adelaja

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#5. The only thing to do when a man is wrong is to be right by ceasing to be wrong.

Jesse Lauriston Livermore

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#6. What emerged from the doorway can only be described as how I envision a love-child between Grady from Sanford & Son and a small goat. There before us was The Voodoo Queen.

Scott Burkett

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#7. prevent it from drying out you can place a damp piece

Sarah Franklin

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#8. If you look at the Disney Villains, I think you'll find that they do have mass appeal in some way, and it usually has to do with a voice quality that also matches very well with the animation.

Jonathan Freeman

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#9. People are getting attention for doing nothing, for behaving poorly, for abusing themselves in public and being abused, exploiting themselves. I find it vulgar and I find it awful.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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