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Top 13 Marie Camargo Quotes

#1. Clearly, I'm drawn to characters with inner conflicts.

Jacqueline Carey

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#2. Growing up with three older brothers and being the youngest and the only girl, my mom always made me tough. She's taught me over the years how to be a strong, independent woman, how to carry yourself in a positive way and anything that my brothers can do, I can do.

Diana Lopez

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#3. Worthiness should not be defined by the whims of magic weapons. Rise, my son, and let the hammer be damned. Rise and remember the hero that you are.

Jason Aaron

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#4. What did I want? I wanted the war to be over so I could ask her out.

Ruta Sepetys

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#5. We seldom speak of what we have but often of what we lack.

Arthur Schopenhauer

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#6. I didn't want to call and schedule shows or call and make people listen to my music. Luckily, my friends and family really stayed on me and made me put myself out there.

Colbie Caillat

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#7. That only is a disgrace to a man which he has deserved to suffer.


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#8. You can't be too careful about work. It's the most dangerous habit known to medical science.

Eugene O'Neill

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#9. Circumstances do not create the quality of your life.

Garrison Wynn

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#10. A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect prayer.

Doris Lessing

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#11. I like that when you create you really do create with a very small group of people, and in that space, before it goes out to all these people, that's what I love.

Jake Gyllenhaal

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#12. They make their pride," he said, "in making their dinner cost much; I make my pride in making my dinner cost little." When asked at table what dish he preferred, he answered, "The nearest.

Henry David Thoreau

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#13. The thing to do with money is to put it back into yourself, into your work, into the thing that is important, into whatever you are so much interested in that it is more important than money.

Henry Ford

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