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Top 12 Marianne Fredriksson Quotes

#1. Anyone expecting injustice does not keep a collection of injustices. - Author: Marianne Fredriksson
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#2. I recognized everything, the waterfall and the lakes, the trees and paths. But they had forgotten me. That was bitter and I cried a lot. One should never return to sacred places. - Author: Marianne Fredriksson
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#3. When our patterns are threatened by new facts, reason is seldom the victor: 'I know what I think, so don't go confusing me with new opinions. - Author: Marianne Fredriksson
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#4. When I state myself, as the representative of the verse, it does not mean me, but a supposed person. - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#5. Aristotle said 'anyone can become angry, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree, and at the right time. For the right purpose and in the right way - is not within every man's power. - Author: Elizabeth Hunter
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#6. How I loathe the servitude people try to hold up to me as being so valuable. I pity the man who is condemned to it, who cannot generally escape it, but it is not the burden of his labor that disposes me in his favor, it is
it can only be
the vigor of his protest against it. - Author: Andre Breton
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#7. I'll tell you why, I don't invite the ones I don't like. - Author: James Lipton
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#8. Prayer is not a vain attempt to change God's will; it is a filial desire to learn God's will and to share it. Prayer is not a substitute for work: it is the secret spring and indispensable ally of all true work. - Author: George Arthur Buttrick
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#9. I conjure you, my brethren, to remain faithful to earth, and do not believe those who speak unto you of super terrestrial hopes! Poisoners they are, whether they know it or not. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#10. The mind can ask all the questions on the meaning of life. But it cannot answer one of them, for the answers are beyond the mind. - Author: Marianne Fredriksson
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#11. Before God can deliver us we must undeceive ourselves. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#12. Lestat: Toughen up baby. I'm looking for the eternal scum. - Author: Anne Rice
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