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#1. Sit up straight, Dlique. Don't dismember your sister, Dlique, it isn't nice. Internal organs belong inside your body, Dlique. - Author: Ann Leckie
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#2. I might have missed my calling as an editor. In the spring, the sight of my empty garden beds gives me the horticultural equivalent of writers' block: So much space! So many plants to choose among, and yet none of them seem quite right! - Author: Susan Orlean
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#3. SHE OF NOBODY ELSE'S BIDDING: That is who I am now--someone who has not done what anyone else said since July 2008, though not because I am either disobedient or a slacker. - Author: Margaret Roach
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#4. What's happening with the planet's climate right now needs to be a wake-up call to all of us, meaning all heads of state, all heads of social organizations, in order to take a more energetic approach to countering the global changes to the climate. - Author: Dmitry Medvedev
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#5. Making a film is very hard work, and you live or die by the sword just a little bit every time you do it, but I wouldn't chuck it in. - Author: Matthew Goode
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#6. I had to live and breathe Margaret Thatcher for a few months. I totally engulfed myself in her life. I read her autobiography and a biography, 'The Grocer's Daughter.' - Author: Alexandra Roach
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#7. I'm a vegetarian who doesn't like eggplant parmesan. Isn't that awful? I'm also sick of portobello mushrooms. People are like, 'A vegetarian's coming to dinner,' so they serve those. - Author: Candy Crowley
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#8. All over the world, I do business. I make great deals. I've made hundreds of millions of dollars against China. All over the world I make money and I build great things. Who's going to build a wall like me on the southern border? I built a great company. - Author: Donald Trump
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#9. Linda Georgian is a wonderful psychic. She can do amazing things. - Author: Dionne Warwick
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#10. When I see that people want to listen to me and when I feel that they are supporting the goals that I am committed to, then I am very pleased. - Author: Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
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#11. Why am I not surprised you'd think you could flout - Author: Denise Grover Swank
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#12. The bottom fell out of my stomach. It was like putting a foot wrong on a frozen creek, the crack of ice, and sudden drop, the knowledge that there was nothing beneath but dark water. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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