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#1. Ultimately, the product you sell is love-manifested and materialized. - Author: Robert G. Allen
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#2. My wife noticed that I wrote really good complaint letters about faulty products and that I could get anything I wanted out of these big corporations, and she said that I was a good writer and that I should go to my dad and ask him for help. - Author: Brian Herbert
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#3. The leader's job is to show the way. The bottom line is that you can't tell anything about the condition of the way if you've not traveled on it yourself! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#4. Despite my asbestos gloves,
the cough is filling me with black,
and a red powder seeps through my veins ... - Author: Anne Sexton
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#5. the American church is a difficult place to fit in if you want to live out New Testament Christianity. - Author: Francis Chan
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#6. Aviation is the branch of engineering that is least forgiving of mistakes. - Author: Freeman Dyson
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#7. You can study the rules until your eyes fall out of your head, but if you cannot recall which rule fits your particular situation just before some large ship hits you broadside, then a study of the rules has failed you at the worst possible time. - Author: John W. Trimmer
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#8. We are not only observers. We are participators. In some strange sense this is aparticipatory universe. - Author: John Archibald Wheeler
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#9. If only gossip weren't so titillating. Sweeney tried to control an avid desire to know more, to dig for all the dirty details.
The temptation was great. Dirt was like fat; it made life more delicious. - Author: Linda Howard
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#10. Trade protection accumulates upon a single point the good which it effects, while the evil inflicted is infused throughout the mass. The one strikes the eye at a first glance, while the other becomes perceptible only to close investigation. - Author: Frederic Bastiat
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