Top 8 Manufacturing Defect Quotes

#1. The system will always be defended by those countless people who have enough intellect to defend but not quite enough to innovate.

Edward De Bono

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#2. All are friends in heaven, all faithful friends,
And many friendships in the days of Time
Begun, are lasting there and growing still.

Robert Pollok

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#3. I'm liberal on every social aspect, probably. More liberal than people would even believe. But there's still some of that Texas in me, as far as the gun debate. I wish there were no guns; I'm all for gun restrictions. But I'm also of the mind-set, if nothing changes, I'm getting a gun.

Natalie Maines

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#4. I'm extremely optimistic about rapid transformation and change of things in Africa in general.

Binyavanga Wainaina

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#5. I could do it-because that was the only option. That was the only one I was willing to accept.

Alexandra Bracken

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#6. Ribosomes have an error rate of about one letter in 10,000, far lower than the defect rate in our own high-quality manufacturing processes. And they operate at a rate of about 10 amino acids per second, building whole proteins with chains comprising hundreds of amino acids in less than a minute.

Nick Lane

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#7. Because the role-model pressure becomes so insane, the personal and private takes a backseat to whatever it takes to maintain that fame and to maintain that lifestyle, and before you know it you're not a human being anymore.

Amber Tamblyn

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#8. You're a murderer.'
'So are you' she said.
'No, I kill. You murder.'
'What's the difference?'
'I kill murderers.

Dean Koontz

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