Top 10 Manoharan Committee Quotes

#1. One of my dreams in life is to do fund-raising for the youth.

Picabo Street

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#2. Thought may well be ever ranging, And opinion ever changing, Task-work be, though ill begun, Dealt with by experience better; By the law and by the letter Duty done is duty done Do it, Time is on the wing!

Arthur Hugh Clough

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#3. She is of the strangest beauty and the darkest courage, and when she walks with intent the earth trembles beneath her feet.

Nicole Lyons

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#4. Writing is one way to achieve enchantment.

Guy Kawasaki

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#5. I'm telling America we need to not discriminate against faith-based programs. We need to welcome them so our society is more wholesome, more welcoming, and more hopeful for every single citizen.

George W. Bush

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#6. Unfortunately, there was no Jackson Pollock of the camera.

Edward Ruscha

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#7. There's a resistance for people to talk about things that make them feel guilty. When natural disasters happen, it's easier not to feel guilty about it.

Walter Mosley

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#8. I no longer allow my yesterdays to be apart of my today which can affect my tomorrows when the experience needs to remain in yesterday.

Jewel Tyler

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#9. I think that we're our own worst enemies in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to doing work where you're criticized a lot or doing work where there's a lot of hater directed at you; and to not constantly second-guess yourself.

Jessica Valenti

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#10. There is no moral reason for humanity to continue, if its ends are limited to itself. And this is how we must stop seeing ourselves. This is why we destroy each other. If we disregard the life around us, why should we not be equally disregarded?

Paul Xylinides

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