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#1. Let the enemy fall by their swords. Words not worth reading die their own death. But our Words will be Told! - Author: K.A. Gunn
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#2. On the Palace of Westminster: There is a sense of entitlement that pervades this place like a colourless and odourless gas, creeping along the corridors and under every door. P.10 - Author: Caroline Lucas
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#3. So sometimes one has simply to endure a period of depression for what it may hold of illumination if one can live through it, attentive to what it exposes or demands. - Author: May Sarton
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#4. Growing up, I never imagined I would be an actor. - Author: Lance Reddick
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#5. The death of a world is judgment of its inadequacy. Death removes the unnecessary and the false. - Author: Greg Bear
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#6. Partying is such sweet sorrow. - Author: Robert Byrne
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#7. There is nothing more perplexing in life than to know at what point you should surrender your intellect to your faith. - Author: Margot Asquith
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#8. Foreign visitors ... how impressed you all are with foreign visitors! But they come in many different varieties. - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
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#9. Life is full of borders. Some of them, once crossed, can never be crossed again in the other direction. But there are new countries to discover across every one. - Author: Tim Pratt
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#10. ...if he were in his right mind. Shiloh knew that his father had taken a left turn at some point, however, and there was no longer anything right about him." (From "Dragon Star") - Author: Adrianna Scovill
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#11. I write every day, including weekends. For writers, there are no weekends. It's just that your family is around, looking mournful, wondering when you're going to pay attention to them. - Author: Janet Fitch
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#12. Actually translates to "peace," because in Arabic it is based on the same root word, salam. That word, salam, can be found in the traditional greeting assalamualaikum ("Peace be upon you"). But as - Author: Glenn Beck
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