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#1. Did he know that she was so dissatisfied with herself that she was always pretending to be different? Probably he did, and despised her for it. More than anyone she knew, Joe Willard was always, fearlessly, himself. - Author: Maud Hart Lovelace
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#2. Ryle Hira: Life is what it is - Author: Elizabeth Haydon
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#3. I've always just wished that maybe someday people would care about the words that I wrote. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#4. Lies emerges when control is unreachable - Author: Michael Strong
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#5. Most of the time they buy what other people buy. They move in great schools, like bluefish, all identical. There is safety in numbers. If one wants Schnabel, they all want Schnabel, if one buys a Keith Haring, two hundred Keith Harings will be sold. - Author: Robert Hughes
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#6. Charles Chaplin makes a million dollars a year out of a funny, shuffling walk and a pair of baggy trousers, because he does "something different." Take the hint and "individualize" yourself with some distinctive idea. - Author: Napoleon Hill
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#7. Malaysia is a country unlike any other: Full of promise and fragility. Its history, cultural and religious diversity make it a rich, compelling and surprising land. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#8. I'm going to tap until I can't: I'll be so old, all I can do is walk out from the wings to stage center. But I'll be there. - Author: Gregory Hines
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#9. I certainly want to get back to the U.S. to play. It's such a big country. I've always liked playing there, and enjoyed living there. I lived in New York, LA, and Florida. - Author: Mick Taylor
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#10. He had the sourdough smell of age. His chest sagged into shrivelled teats; his lovemaking was unreliable, yet she found it strangely wholesome in a way that defied sense. - Author: Richard Flanagan
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#11. Makr Shakr aims to share this new potential - design-make-enjoy - with everyone in just a few minutes: the time taken to prepare a new cocktail. - Author: Carlo Ratti
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#12. There's something really creepy about the doors being open," Mark whispered. "And it's so dark inside the rooms." "What's your point?" Alec asked. "Ready to turn around and go home?" "No. Just saying that you should go in first. - Author: James Dashner
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#13. Even peasants can build a cathedral. - Author: Daryl Gregory
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#14. I love love and falling in love, but it can get pretty flat real fast. - Author: Claire Danes
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