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Top 19 Making Effort Love Quotes

#1. I testify that He is utterly incomparable in what He is, what He knows, what He has accomplished and what He has experienced. Yet, movingly, He calls us His Friends

Neal A. Maxwell

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#2. I was kosher until I had my Bar Mitzvah, and I parlayed officially becoming a man into telling my father I wanted to eat cheeseburgers.

Zach Braff

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#3. Is it O.K. that I speak in English? The only thing I know in Dutch is how to order pot.

Eddie Vedder

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#4. As a visual person, I love a creative resume. Putting in a little effort on the design side will show that you care about making things look good.

Sophia Amoruso

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#5. With friends, if you keep making an effort to reach out and you keep getting hurt, you eventually stop trying. But it's much harder to give up on family. Somewhere deep down you want it to work so badly that you keep making the same mistake over and over again.

Tori Spelling

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#6. Through [my friends] I discovered what it was to love people. There was an art to it ... which was not really all that different from the love that is necessary in the making of art. It required the effort of always seeing them for themselves and not as I wished them to be ...

Lucy Grealy

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#7. I know I'm being judged, and anyone who works in the public eye will get some negativity at some point. It can be tough and it hurts. I can be very tough on myself. Occasionally, I hear or read something cruel and I'm shocked.

Deborra-Lee Furness

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#8. There's something fun about the road because there's no 9 to 5. But I do find myself making the effort to take some time off. As much as I don't want to, I have to. I need to reset. I love weeks off, because I can go in the studio and just be creative again.

Hunter Hayes

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#9. I like everything that has no style: dictionaries, photographs, nature, myself and my paintings. (Because style is violent, and I am not violent.)

Gerhard Richter

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#10. If you have a great love of singing, supported by others' fondness for your voice, then it is worth making every effort, of making every sacrifice, to achieve your goal. A great voice will easily find teachers who are willing to help a struggling young talent, and the ways of the Lord are infinite.

Andrea Bocelli

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#11. Let him who is worthy by reason of his clear eye and unjaded heart wander across these borders of beauty and mystery and be glad.

George Sterling

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#12. If there is a doubt, I believe that I must put myself forward and undergo the people's judgment.

Roh Moo-hyun

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#13. All religions are good 'in principle' - but unfortunately this abstract Good has only rarely prevented their practitioners from behaving like bastards.

Paul Karl Feyerabend

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#14. Angelina Jolie's older brother James Haven, the one she made out with, has a license plate on his SUV that reads Shiloh. Maybe it's not that weird. After all, he could be the father.

Chelsea Handler

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#15. Surveillance isn't easy, though. You'll need warm clothes, a camera with telephoto lens, two Thermos flasks (one for tea, t'other for wee) and for God's sake remember your sandwiches.

Alan Partridge

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#16. If you're making a conscious effort ... someone should be meeting you on the same page. Don't be silly be smart.

Turcois Ominek

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#17. Love and translation look alike in their grammar. To love someone implies transforming their words into ours. Making an effort to understand the other person and, inevitably, to misinterpret them. To construct a precarious language together.

Andres Neuman

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#18. It seems our cultures are a natural insult to each other Par'chin," Jardir said.

Peter V. Brett

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#19. But that is what life is all about, he said. It is about dreaming and making those dreams come true with effort and determination - and love.

Mary Balogh

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