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#1. ...all of us are somewhere on a journey to God, and the gap between least and most advanced is infinitely smaller than the gap between the most advanced and God himself. - Author: John Ortberg
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#2. Hollywood have been in touch; they want to make a movie of my life. - Author: Mark Roberts
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#3. When you grow up in a family of languages, you develop a kind of casual fluency, so that languages, though differently colored, all seem transparent to experience. - Author: David Antin
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#4. What hands do I possess?
What sight!
What deliberations do I confess?
What plight! - Author: Ashfaq Saraf
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#5. You have to fill your cup. You then give away the overflowing, but you keep a cupful for yourself. - Author: Wynonna Judd
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#6. We often talk about how we are God's "hands and feet," which is true. That being said, we can't fall into the trap of thinking God needs us like we need Him. He's God - which makes the reality that He wants to use us and be in relationship with us an even sweeter, more profound truth. - Author: Mark Hart
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#7. You have ink in your blood, boy, and no help for it. Books will never be just a business to you. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#8. For the more a man has in himself, the less he will want from other people, - the less, indeed, other people can be to him. This is why a high degree of intellect tends to make a man unsocial. True, - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#9. The president has the right to select who he wants for the Supreme Court. He doesn't have to get it cleared from Congress, Senate or anybody ... No president before this has come under this kind of scrutiny ... before the committee hearings even begin. - Author: Montel Williams
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#10. I always loved reading. I always was the spelling bee champion. I always loved words. I always wanted to know what they meant, why you used them, who first said them. I was always interested in that. - Author: Brenda Lee
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