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Top 14 Maitim Man Ako Quotes

#1. I never met a man I didn't like until I met Will Rogers. - Author: Mort Sahl
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#2. Even your darkest hour is only sixty minutes long. - Author: Laura Hetzel
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#3. Syria is already in the grips of a civil war, unfortunately enough, and Egypt is moving in that direction. We would like to see the Egyptian people avoid this fate - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#4. I always believed that style was more important than fashion. They are rare, those who imposed their style while fashion makers are so numerous. - Author: Yves Saint-Laurent
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#5. A good idea is a good idea and my work should compete on its own merits, not based on the size of my fan base. - Author: Christopher Priest
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#6. Such is beauty ever,-neither here nor there, now nor then,-neither in Rome nor in Athens, but wherever there is a soul to admire. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#7. Have you seen some of the crap they're selling as exercise equipment now? How about that Suzanne Somers? She should have been thrown in jail for selling the piece-of-crap Thigh Master. It just develops a little muscle on the inner thigh. What good is that? - Author: Jack LaLanne
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#8. The trouble with doing nothing is it's too hard to tell when you're finished. - Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
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#9. To me, the most obscene word in our language is celibacy. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
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#10. In the courageous standing of uncertainty, faith shows most visibly its dynamic character. - Author: Paul Tillich
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#11. A philosophical attempt to work out a universal history according to a natural plan directed to achieving the civic union of the human race must be regarded as possible and, indeed, as contributing to this end of Nature. - Author: Immanuel Kant
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#12. In the studios days, the public's perception of movie stars was much different, because the stars were so much less exposed. This made them seem more special, more unearthly. Today they're no longer perceived as different - they've become human, so to speak. - Author: Richard D. Zanuck
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#13. I was never any good in the school theatrical productions. I always got a role like the March Hare. A Latin teacher told me I might make a good actress, and that stuck in my memory. - Author: Jacqueline Bisset
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#14. In how many ways have we been unfaithful to Christ, and to the light and privileges which God has entrusted to us! How refreshing, then, how unspeakably blessed, to lift our eyes above this scene of ruin, and behold One who is faithful - faithful in all things, faithful at all times. - Author: Arthur W. Pink
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