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#1. Ideas are more dangerous than an unsheathed sword in this world, half of them are forbidden, the other half would lead a man to question the very place of the earth itself, safe at the center of the universe. - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#2. There is no place for you in this new world," Fatima said.
"That's what I'm hoping," said Nyx. "If you had any goddamn sense, you'd hope so too. - Author: Kameron Hurley
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#3. Om Namah Shivaya, meaning,
I honor the divinity that resides within me. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#4. The sentence pulsates, moves in and out, toward the character and away from her - when we reach "huddled" we are reminded that an author allowed us to merge with his character, that the author's magniloquent style is the envelope within which this generous contract is carried. - Author: James Wood
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#5. Hummings and clickings could be heard-the sounds attendant to the flow of electrons, now augmenting one maze of electromagnetic crises to a condition that was translatable from electrical qualities and quantities to a high grade of truth. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#6. I am a firm believer in living as if there were no such thing as a secret. If we hide our sins and live in darkness, we will never get the healing we so desperately need; in fact, if it is hidden so well that we don't even recognize it, we may never even find forgiveness. - Author: Ted Haggard
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#7. To be with a man who hasn't tried every line, who hasn't broken up with a woman every which way you can break up with them, is kind of nice. - Author: Uma Thurman
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#8. If you are going to devote your time to do something you claim you love, take this thought; "Can I pursue this till the end? Am I sure I will never give up on it?" This is persistence. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#9. The Apothecaries morter spoiles the Luters musick. - Author: George Herbert
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#10. In first grade, I told my friends I had a third story in my house filled with jewels and lions. - Author: Kendall Jenner
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#11. Being is thoughtless-beyond and beneath all categories of thought. Expression is the realization of creative thought. Being is still; expression, moving. But then if I do not strive, who will? - Author: Zhuangzi
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#12. All production is for the purpose of ultimately satisfying a consumer. - Author: John Maynard Keynes
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#13. And my father is dead. She did not speak the words aloud, but the reality of them cut her again, deeper and sharper. It seemed to her that each time she thought she had grasped the fact of his death, a few moments later it struck her again even harder. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#14. Mousse was a Labrador retriever, which is a large enthusiastic bulletproof species of dog made entirely from synthetic materials. This is the kind of dog that, if it takes an interest in your personal regions (which of course it does) you cannot fend it off with a blowtorch. - Author: Dave Barry
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#15. Hullo, commandant,' I said, 'how's the General?'
'Which general?' he asked with a shy grin.
'Surely in the Caodaist faith,' I said, 'all generals are reconciled. - Author: Graham Greene
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