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#1. Oklahoma has a respect for our neighbors. That's the Oklahoma standard. - Author: Markwayne Mullin
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#2. The great thing about New Jersey is that it's close to New York. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#3. no one paid attention and when Elle bounced back in, she turned the sensor on again and shut the door. 'Let's have some of our feast now!' she said. 'Good thinking,' said Isi as she reached into the laundry basket and took - Author: Susannah McFarlane
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#4. It's important to me to try and expose young people to the things they believe are off-limits to them. I tell them, 'There are no walls, only the ones we put up.' My advice to young people looking at my life is not to follow my footprint but to go out there and make their own. - Author: Jackie Joyner-Kersee
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#5. The Tao has no place for pettiness, and nor has Virtue. Pettiness is dangerous to Virtue; pettiness is dangerous to the Tao. It is said, rectify yourself and be done. - Author: Zhuangzi
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#6. It is just as foolish to complain that people are selfish and treacherous as it is to complain that the magnetic field does not increase unless the electric field has a curl. Both are laws of nature. - Author: John Von Neumann
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#7. The lust of conquest, when associated with religious fanaticism, has been the greatest scourge of the human race. - Author: William Deans
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#8. Some of today's athletes do not have that kind of pride. They left school at 16, have never had a job in their life and are getting Lottery funding, earning money as an athlete. - Author: Linford Christie
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#9. I worked as a secretary, a waitress and a dance teacher - all in high school. - Author: Jennie Garth
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#10. There's no word for what Young does, only for what he accomplishes-the capturing of small, daily miracles. - Author: Dorianne Laux
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