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Top 14 Mafia Movie Quotes

#1. There were a lot of terms you had to learn, as opposed to the shylock business where all you had to know how to say was 'Give me the fuckin money. - Author: Elmore Leonard
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#2. To argue without knowledge is like trying to weave without thread. - Author: Barbara Mertz
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#3. The success combination in business is: Do what you do better and do more of what you do. - Author: David J. Schwartz
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#4. When your situation has gone beyond the power of nature, it has become a curse. Who can remove a curse but Jesus Christ? - Author: T. B. Joshua
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#5. Politics has slain its thousands, but religion has slain its ten thousands. - Author: Sean O'Casey
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#6. It would almost need a Mafia-like offer I couldn't refuse to do another movie. - Author: Sean Connery
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#7. Knowledge does not change behavior," he said. "We have all encountered crazy shrinks and obese doctors and divorced marriage counselors. - Author: Chip Heath
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#8. You can cite a hundred references to show that the biblical God is a bloodthirsty tyrant, but if they can dig up two or three verses that say 'God is love,' they will claim that you are taking things out of context! - Author: Dan Barker
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#9. There is no birth, there is no death; there is no coming, there is no going; there is no same, there is no different; there is no permanent self, there is no annihilation. We only think there is. - Author: Nhat Hanh
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#10. The man who sees an opportunity and does nothing is asleep with his eyes open. - Author: Brian Herbert
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#11. You mean to say a family of hot-tempered Mafia people are all cosying up with each other on a Saturday night to sit down and watch a movie about a family of hot-tempered Mafia people...? Is that really what you're telling me? - Author: Catherine Doyle
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#12. I need to admit up front that I don't know how to have a fling. I'm not good at playing around and then saying good-bye. I'm throwing myself at your feet because I'm hoping for a shot at forever. Henry Jenkins/Mr. Nobley - Author: Shannon Hale
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#13. The Supreme Court has a very light backlog. They leave a lot of splits among the circuits, a lot of uncertainty. And I think they ought to work a lot harder. - Author: Arlen Specter
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#14. And you'll walk in rolling your eyes and you'll walk out whistling sadly through your teeth because the fuel of the Nerd Mafia is disappointment and exclusion.
- On the Watchmen movie - Author: Patton Oswalt
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