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#1. A great perturbation in nature, to receive at once the benefit of sleep and do the effects of watching! - Author: William Shakespeare
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#2. You're like Lady Macbeth without the murder." "Thank you. You have no idea how much of a compliment that is to me. - Author: John Corey Whaley
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#3. So fair and foul a day I have not seen. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#4. My dull brain was wrought with things forgotten. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#5. My mother had not acted for ten years. Not since a reviewer wrote that her portrayal of Lady Macbeth put him in mind of an exasperated society hostess burdened with unmannerly guests who had lost the new tennis balls, left the bathrooms in a mess, and finished the gin. - Author: Victoria Clayton
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#6. I always assumed I would leave drama school and do 'Lady Macbeth' and all sorts of serious things. It just didn't happen. - Author: Olivia Colman
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#7. I pray you school yourself. [MacBeth, Act 1V, Scene 2] - Author: William Shakespeare
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#8. After making my stage debut aged nine as Macduff's small son in 'Macbeth,' I had played a number of parts, from 'Twelfth Night's Viola to 'The Merchant Of Venice's Portia'. - Author: Felicity Kendal
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#9. I'm much more likely to get lynched over 'The Killing' than 'Macbeth.' - Author: David Hewson
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#10. Turn hell-hound, turn. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#11. We're under the Arts Council under the Minister for the Arts. The Minister for the Arts and the Minister for Industrial Development have great difficulty in agreeing over who should fund what in terms of film. - Author: Ann Macbeth
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#12. When I was 16, I played Macbeth at school and my English teacher said, 'I think you may have acting talent. Try to get into the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and see where you get.' I wouldn't have thought of that at all. I wanted to be a surgeon, but I wasn't a clever man. - Author: David Suchet
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#13. Your face, my thane, is as a book where men
May read strange matters. To beguile the time,
Look like the time; bear welcome in your eye,
Your hand, your tongue: look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under't. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#14. Far away, I could hear them lapping up my brains. Like Macbeth's witches, the three lithe cats surrounded my broken head, slurping up that thick soup inside. The tips of their rough tongues licked the soft folds of my mind. And with each lick my consciousness flickered like a flame and faded away. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#15. I dare do all that may become a man;
Who dares do more, is none - Author: William Shakespeare
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#16. I'm either the witch or Lady Macbeth of English politics, but someone gotta wear the pants in England when others wearing kilts - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#17. Shakespeare without Othello, Lear, Macbeth and Hamlet would be all too much like Hamlet without the prince. - Author: Brand Blanshard
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#18. Sawcy, and ouer-bold, how did you dare
To Trade, and Trafficke with Macbeth,
In Riddles, and Affaires of death;
And I the Mistris of your Charmes,
The close contriuer of all harmes,
Was neuer call'd to beare my part,
Or shew the glory of our Art? - Author: William Shakespeare
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#19. The simplest case, where one is informed that a cat is black because it is black, may be harmless, though irritating and useless; but the actual cases [in statements of evolutionary theory] are always harder to detect than this, and may darken counsel for a long time. - Author: Norman Macbeth
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#20. Sleep knits up the raveled sleeve of care. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#21. At 18 I began painting steadily fulltime and at age 20 had my first New York show at the Macbeth Gallery. - Author: Andrew Wyeth
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#22. Don't wear green in your dressing room,' suggested Miss Spink.
'Or mention the Scottish play, added Miss Forcible. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#23. I had great English teachers in high school who first piqued my interest in Shakespeare. Each year, we read a different play - 'Othello,' 'Julius Caesar,' 'Macbeth,' 'Hamlet' - and I was the nerd in class who would memorize soliloquies just for the fun of it. - Author: Ian Doescher
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#24. I did a production of Macbeth in the 1960s in which I had a swordfight in the final scene. But the blade fell off my sword just as I was stabbing the guy. I ended up having to hammer him to death. - Author: Alan Dale
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#25. I read Macbeth as a secondary student in Nigeria and it was like an African play to me. It had all the right elements - witches, kings and assassinations. - Author: Sefi Atta
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#26. [Macbeth] is historically set in a place depicted by Shakespeare as brutal and violent, incredibly superstitious, and that's something that I do believe is Scottish. - Author: James McAvoy
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#27. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing poorly. (friend who is a priest said regarding prayer) - Author: Sybil MacBeth
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#28. Both Plockton and the Isle of Muck in north-west Scotland are incredibly beautiful. Sadly, Plockton has been discovered by tourists because it's where they shot Hamish Macbeth. - Author: Arabella Weir
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#29. I think that the BBC's attitude toward the show while it was in production was very similar to that which Macbeth had toward murdering people - initial doubts, followed by cautious enthusiasm and then greater and greater alarm at the sheer scale of the undertaking and still no end in sight. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#30. Why a should a dream be any less real than this table. Or Macbeth be less real than today's newspaper. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#31. There are always two sides to every story, Kelley. Something I learned playing Richard the Third and Macbeth: if you're playing the 'bad guy', you never really think of yourself as bad. It's just that your motives are often ... misunderstood by everyone else. - Author: Lesley Livingston
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#32. Look to the lilies how they grow! 'Twas thus the Saviour said, that we, Even in the simplest flowers that blow, God's ever-watchful care might see. - Author: David Macbeth Moir
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#33. I see Macbeth as a young, open-faced warrior, who is gradually sucked into a whirpool of events because of his ambition. When he meets the weird sisters and hears their prophecy, he's like the man who hopes to win a million - a gamble for high stakes. - Author: Roman Polanski
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#34. I'm just having a wonderful time. It's an interesting thing that I'm very comfortable with this material and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I did MacBeth. - Author: F. Murray Abraham
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#35. If you look at the play very closely, this is a thirdhand report of what a wonderful hero Macbeth is for saving Scotland. And in the next scene, he's planning to murder Duncan, and you never really know why or what's behind Macbeth. - Author: David Hewson
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#36. The idea of Macbeth as a conscience-torm ented man is a platitude as false as Macbeth himself. Macbeth has no conscience. His main concern throughout the play is that most selfish of all concerns: to get a good night's sleep. - Author: Mary McCarthy
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#37. Macbeth is a very popular play with audiences. If you want to sell out a theater, just mount a production of Macbeth. It's a short play, it's an exciting play, it's easy to understand, and it attracts great acting. - Author: Ian McKellen
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#38. Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?"
Macbeth - Author: William Shakespeare
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#39. ...we had bypassed Romeo and Juliet and gone straight to Macbeth. - Author: Michael Brooks
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#40. In The Gulag Archipelago, for example, Alexander Solzhenitsyn remarks that Shakespeare's evildoers, Macbeth notably among them, stop short at a mere dozen corpses because they have no ideology. - Author: Theodore Dalrymple
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#41. There's husbandry in heaven; Their candles are all out. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#42. I've always wanted to play 'Lady Macbeth' and Strindberg's 'Miss Julie'. - Author: Olivia D'Abo
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#43. Methought I heard a voice cry, Sleep no more!
Macbeth does murder sleep, - the innocent sleep;
Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care,
The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath,
Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,
Chief nourisher in life's feast. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#44. Macbeth's deed is done in horror, and without the faintest desire or sense of glory- done, one may almost say, as if it were an appalling duty; the instant it is finished, its futility is revealed to Macbeth as clearly as its vileness had been revealed beforehand - Author: A. C. Bradley
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#45. Steve's sales pitch on the NeXT operating system was dazzling," according to Amelio. " He praised the virtues and strengths as though he were describing a performance of Oliver as Macbeth. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#46. Oh, I like going down the rabbit hole. You know, that's kind of my job. When you play Macbeth, you gotta dive down that one. The trick is figuring out how to do it with love and a sense of humor so you can pop back out again. But, kind of the actor's job is to go down the rabbit hole. - Author: Ethan Hawke
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#47. How now! Here's the smell of the blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.
Lady Macbeth - Author: William Shakespeare
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#48. My wide eyes make me look much younger without make-up, and although it's fun to have a line in innocence corrupted, I doubt I'll get to play the vampy vixen or a Hedda Gabler or Lady Macbeth. - Author: Talulah Riley
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#49. The worst thing that you can do in terms of bringing a product up to the market is to be two days after someone else has brought a similar product to the international market-It's dead. - Author: Ann Macbeth
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#50. your son has paid the soldier's price: death. He only lived long enough to become a man, and as soon as he proved that he was a man by fighting like one, he died"
William Shakespeare - Author: William Shakespeare
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#51. I use those medical gloves that fit very tightly and are disposable for all chopping - peppers, onions, garlic, etc. Very Lady Macbeth, I think. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#52. As a prayer popper, I stay in touch with God. I send lots of spiritual postcards. Little bits and bytes of adoration, supplication, and information attached prayer darts speed in God's direction all day long. - Author: Sybil MacBeth
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#53. Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him? - Lady Macbeth - Author: William Shakespeare
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#54. The two sides of the equation are the same. We have a tautology. The definition is meaningless. - Author: Norman Macbeth
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#55. If Shakespeare had to go on an author tour to promote Romeo and Juliet, he never would have written Macbeth. - Author: Joyce Brothers
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#56. Too nice, and yet too true! - Author: William Shakespeare
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#57. Unsex me here and fill me from crown to toe full of direst cruelty That no compunctious visitings of nature Shake my fell purpose. Macbeth - Author: William Shakespeare
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#58. It isn't difficult to leave King Lear or Macbeth, but once you have gone back to yourself, you want it to be the same self you have always been. - Author: Paul Scofield
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#59. Richard III is not likeable. Macbeth is not likeable. Hamlet is not likeable. And yet you can't take your eyes off them. I'm far more interested in that than I am in any sort of likeability. - Author: Beau Willimon
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#60. They will open up to what I would call corporate broadcastings where the non-commercial material will have air time. There's no possibility of that here right now, none. - Author: Ann Macbeth
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#61. If I could mimic the dynamic of any Shakespearean marriage, I'd choose to mimic the Macbeths - before the murder, ruthless ambition, and torturous descents into madness and death, that is. - Author: Jillian Keenan
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#62. And you know, I hate to admit this, but I don't always think in terms of Shakespeare. When I eat, I do. When I'm at a restaurant, I'll think, 'Hmm, what would Macbeth have ordered?' - Author: Liev Schreiber
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#63. I was in a production of 'Macbeth.' - Author: Richard C. Armitage
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#64. The British needlewoman follows blindly where the merchant leads. - Author: Ann Macbeth
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#65. If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#66. Life repeats Shakespearian themes more often than we think. Did Lady Macbeth, Richard III, and King Claudius exist only in the Middle Ages? Shylock wanted to cut a pound of flesh from the body of the merchant of Venice. Is that a fairy tale? - Author: Varlam Shalamov
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#67. The more commercial work that is happening, the more people are operating cameras and are setting up studio lights, the greater the opportunity for drama production to happen. - Author: Ann Macbeth
Macbeth's Quotes #100723
#68. Maybe because I'm a nice and sweet person in life, I like the darker roles. The really dark one is Lady Macbeth. - Author: Anna Netrebko
Macbeth's Quotes #97814
#69. Those he commands move only in command,
Nothing in love: now does he feel his title
Hang loose about him, like a giant's robe
Upon a dwarfish thief - Author: William Shakespeare
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#70. 'Macbeth' is one of the best operas ever, and doing it was a great experience. I added some things to the opera based from my experience on the movie - such as some of the special effects and bits of film - to make it new and interesting. It was a very good work and a very good experience. - Author: Dario Argento
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#71. Ten years ago I was not heavily involved in the film world but on reflection it was a boom time with the mineral boom happening, so there was immense growth for industrial training films, documentaries to do with the mining, and the outback world. - Author: Ann Macbeth
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#72. I couldn't be more proud to introduce Anne-Marie Duff, a phenomenal actress who is bursting on the world stage, to Broadway audiences as Lady Macbeth. - Author: Jack O'Brien
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#73. This tune goes manly.
Come, go we to the King. Our power is ready;
Our lack is nothing but our leave. Macbeth
Is ripe for shaking, and the powers above
Put on their instruments. Receive what cheer you may.
The night is long that never finds the day.
They exit. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#74. When you're a young man, Macbeth is a character part. When you're older, it's a straight part. - Author: Laurence Olivier
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#75. Macbeth's self-justifications were feeble - and his conscience devoured him. Yes, even Iago was a little lamb too. The imagination and the spiritual strength of Shakespeare's evildoers stopped short at a dozen corpses. Because they had no ideology. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#76. The only still center of my life is Macbeth. To go back to doing this bloody, crazed, insane mass-murderer is a huge relief after trying to get my cell phone replaced. - Author: Patrick Stewart
Macbeth's Quotes #330994
#77. When you are at the right age to play Hamlet you are still to young and immature to play it. It is much later, when you get the life experience and the emotional power, that you understand Hamlet or Macbeth. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
Macbeth's Quotes #449127
#78. I felt like I was hobbling, like one oof the old crones from Act I of Macbeth - God knows my hair felt scraggy enough that I must have looked the part. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#79. The State Film Authority will be there for film as industry only, as is the case in all the other states, except Victoria. Victoria is moving more now into supporting non-commercial films. - Author: Ann Macbeth
Macbeth's Quotes #444011
#80. Sometimes I want to have a mental book burning that would scour my mind clean of all the filthy visions literature has conjured there. But how to do without 'The Illiad?' How to do without 'Macbeth?' - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#81. Most independent filmmakers in Britain and North America work for commercial crews and then have their own projects when they've got enough money saved up to do so. - Author: Ann Macbeth
Macbeth's Quotes #419385
#82. Nought's had, all's spent, where our desire is got without content. - Author: William Shakespeare
Macbeth's Quotes #403776
#83. I want to do all kinds of things. I want to do some comedy. I'd love to do a romantic comedy, and I'd love to do some period pieces with classical text. I'd love somebody to cast me as Macbeth, but for a film. I just want to be all over the place. - Author: Kevin Alejandro
Macbeth's Quotes #392453
#84. Historically, Macbeth is one of the greatest kings Scotland ever had. He was on the throne for 19 years, and he simply has this dreadful reputation because Shakespeare manipulated history for the benefit of James I, who was paying him to write the play to blacken Macbeth's name. - Author: David Hewson
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#85. That, when they shall be opened, black Macbeth Will seem as pure as snow, and the poor state (55) Esteem him as a lamb, being compared With my confineless harms. - Author: William Shakespeare
Macbeth's Quotes #367964
#86. I'm not -
Lady Macbeth
Lucrezia Borgia
Catherine the Great. I am
- a woman doing what she has to do. I am
- the woman you made me.
Elena is at war. - Author: Don Winslow
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#87. Stars are the daisies that begem
The blue fields of the sky. - Author: David Macbeth Moir
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#88. I have been thinking a lot about what we see in villains, how we relate to villains, and what it is about certain villains that we actually empathize with. Like Macbeth. We're not supposed to like a guy who kills the king and takes over, but there's something about him we're really fascinated by. - Author: Finn Wittrock
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#89. It must be remembered that the Iliad and Odyssey were composed as epic tales and not as historical texts. To use Shakespeare's Macbeth as a source for 11th-century Scottish politics would rather miss the point of the play, and the same is true of the Homeric epics. - Author: Nic Fields
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#90. My hands are of your colour; but I shame
To wear a heart so white. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#91. I'm the world's lightest sleeper. On a bad day, I can make Lady Macbeth look like a raging narcoleptic. - Author: Jodi Taylor
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#92. Stand not upon the order of your going, But go at once."
Macbeth. Act III Sc. 4, Line 119 - Author: Jess Waid
Macbeth's Quotes #291577
#93. We three just stared. I thought of Macbeth's witches huddled around their cauldron. How now, you secret, black, and midnight hags. What is't you do?
A deed without a name.
We were as quiet as the gravestones around us. - Author: Tessa Gratton
Macbeth's Quotes #273440
#94. I want to play Eva Peron. I've already done a lot of Shakespeare, but I'd like to do Lady Macbeth. - Author: Tamara Tunie
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#95. The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures. Lady Macbeth - Author: William Shakespeare
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#96. Natural selection is almost always handled in general temps . This means that it has no explanatory power when specific problems arise. - Author: Norman Macbeth
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#97. The foxglove, with it's stately bells Of purple, shall adorn thy dells. - Author: David Macbeth Moir
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#98. Macbeth:
If we should fail?
Lady Macbeth:
We fail?
But screw your courage to the sticking place,
And we'll not fail. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#99. And now about the cauldron sing
Like elves and fairies in a ring,
Enchanting all that you put in. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#100. We probably do not have a large enough industry here to ably support the independent filmmaker to move in and out. Much of the industry is based on full-time jobs here, institutionalised jobs. - Author: Ann Macbeth
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