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#1. It would be wrong to describe Fennel as courageous as it would be wrong to describe a leopard as courageous.It runs when it can but when cornered turns to be one of the dangerous and vicious of all jungle beasts.

The vulture is a patient bird.
James hadley chase. - Author: James Hadley Chase
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#2. For the record, sports cars have ridiculously small trunks.
I know that for a fact, since I found myself stuffed into one. - Author: Roberta Pearce
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#3. (One sign of possible overtraining is a lack of a pump during your workouts.) - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#4. I've been making products for so long, I have a gut feel for what is right - what will work and what won't. I can tell instantly if it's a hero or a zero. - Author: Lori Greiner
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#5. Well, if Democratic members in the House elect Nancy Pelosi as their leader, it's almost as if they just didn't get the message from the voters this election. I mean, the voters outright rejected the agenda that she's been about. And here they're going to put her back in charge. - Author: Eric Cantor
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