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#1. Leave Ueno Station through the park entrance, go past the concert hall and museums, skirt around the fountain, and you come to a sort of tree garden. Homeless people live here, in tents made of sky-blue plastic sheeting and wooden poles. The best tents even have doors. - Author: David Mitchell
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#2. Man could not live by darkness alone, one point of light he must have for salvation
one point of light. - Author: Radclyffe Hall
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#3. Your writing should be filled with simple complexities and complex simplicities. Because that is life. - Author: Christy Hall
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#4. Leaning forward in the chair, Harley squeezed out a controlled fart, so no one could hear it. This damn reception area was like a echo chamber. If he weren't careful, it could reverberate around the hall like a shotgun blast. - Author: Alan Kinross
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#5. I'm not sure what kind of love you mean, baby, but if you mean do I want you to be with me forever, that I can't bear the thought of being without you as my lover, my best friend, my whole world....one day my wife, and my baby mama, then yes, I Love you, Love you! - Author: S.E. Hall
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#6. Our worst can become our best if mistakes are gathered like twigs of a bird's nest, giving one true foundation, a spiritual home to build their life upon. - Author: Ace Antonio Hall
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#7. I had an irritating flash of nervousness, wondering if he was right outside - or across the street, or downstairs, or hiding in a closet. Because I couldn't stop myself, I rushed to the hall closet and flung it open to make sure. Packed - Author: Cherie Priest
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#8. Today when I begin writing I'm aware: something that I don't understand drives this engine. - Author: Donald Hall
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#9. I do everything I can to be the best actor I can be, the best musician I can be. I try to take risks; I try not to let fear run my life. - Author: Robert David Hall
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#10. I want to be part of Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame, but I don't want to be part of the kind of Hall of Fame that's based on voters' beliefs and assumptions. - Author: Barry Bonds
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#11. I don't like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, their fans. I hate everything - Author: Max Hall
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#12. My biggest fear has always been being 40 and hating my job. I love challenges. I'm not afraid to try anything. - Author: Carla Hall
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#13. I've always been conservative. I was born that way. - Author: Ralph Hall
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#14. I always wanted to be an astronaut. - Author: Jerry Hall
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#15. I mean, 'Kids In The Hall' is the reason I have any career at all. - Author: Dave Foley
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#16. Rapping for me is more about being entertaining and giving something back to the fans. I want people to say, 'There goes Pooch holding his own with Consequence, Rick Ross, and Drake.' - Author: Pooch Hall
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#17. I'm not going to do it again," Lena Marquez whispered to the red purse across the hall from her nestle of blankets. "Never again. - Author: Aaron Michael Ritchey
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#18. I'm also always thinking about the score as a recording, as opposed to a performance that can be recreated in a live environment. Some of what I write could of course be played in a concert hall, but for the needs of a film I don't consider that. - Author: Geoff Zanelli
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#19. The door to opportunity is marked push but the gateway to dreams is marked relentless prep fiend & OCD-heads only. - Author: Ace Antonio Hall
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#20. It's important to know that if you are dealing with shadows. - Author: Conrad Hall
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#21. Rabbit came near her, she began, in a low, timid voice, 'If you please, sir
' The Rabbit started violently, dropped the white kid gloves and the fan, and skurried away into the darkness as hard as he could go. Alice took up the fan and gloves, and, as the hall was very hot, she kept - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#22. Many old music hall fans were present at the funeral today of Fred 'Chuckles' Jenkins, Britain's oldest and unfunniest comedian. In tribute, the vicar read out one of Fred's jokes, and the congregation had two minutes silence. - Author: Ronnie Barker
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#23. Don't think of us as separate beings. Imagine that we are one body and it's been split into millions. When we sit in the mediation hall - that is unity - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#24. It used to be that phrases and lines would come into my head, often many of them in a period of five days or a week, and maybe I didn't know what I was talking about, but the words had a kind of heaviness or deliciousness to them. - Author: Donald Hall
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#25. The Violin of my dreams. If you wanna play a pianissimo that is almost inaudible and yet it carries through a hall that seats 3,000 people, there's your Strad. - Author: Itzhak Perlman
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#26. I love you today. I will love you tomorrow. I will love you always. Because when we are reborn, I will fall in love with you again and again and again.
- Faye Hall, from an untitled script - Author: Faye Hall
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#27. I'm excited about how books work in a digital age. When you read a book, unlike a film, you are decoding symbols in order to 'see' the story, so it is collaborative in a way that a film can never be. - Author: Steven Hall
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#28. All the Utopias - Brook Farm, Robert Owen's sanctuary of chatter, Upton Sinclair's Helicon Hall - and their regulation end in scandal, feuds, poverty, griminess, disillusion. - Author: Sinclair Lewis
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#29. Getting into the Hall of Fame won't change me. I'm still going to pass gas and pick my nose like I always do. - Author: Bert Blyleven
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#30. Friends die, friends become demented, friends quarrel, friends drift with old age into silence. - Author: Donald Hall
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