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#1. It is harder, usually, to find a person who wants to walk the streets of me, to taste the teas of my country, to ... immigrate, you could say. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#2. Dad was that one person who, no matter what he did in life, he just took it by storm, and he was so passionate and just really lived in the moment. Whatever the opposite of a procrastinator is, that was him ... and I think I kind of inherited a little bit of that. - Author: Bindi Irwin
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#3. Contrary to what most people believe, trust is not some soft, illusive quality that you either have or you don't; rather, trust is a pragmatic, tangible, actionable asset that you can create. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#4. It is hard for a black man to just be himself. We spend so much time in defense of something that is indefensible because there is nothing to defend. - Author: Kevin Eubanks
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#5. Today's wars are about oil. But alternate energies exist now - solar, wind - for every important energy-using activity in our lives. The only human work that cannot be done without oil is war. - Author: Grace Paley
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#6. I felt that one had better die fighting against injustice than to die like a dog or rat in a trap. I had already determined to sell my life as dearly as possible if attacked. I felt if I could take one lyncher with me, this would even up the score a little bit. - Author: Ida B. Wells
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#7. I told you, sir, they were red-hot with drinking; so full of valor that they smote the air, for breathing in their faces, beat the ground for kissing of their feet. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#8. Lose the dress, beautiful. There's only one scent I want you wearing. Mine. - Author: Roni Loren
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#9. If you see a philosopher determining all things by means of right reason, him you shall reverence: he is a heavenly being and not of this earth. - Author: Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola
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#10. Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating. - Author: Pixar's 22 Rules Of Storytelling
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#11. You put together two things that have not been put together before. And the world is changed ... - Author: Julian Barnes
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#12. How was one to lasso her mind, and tether it to this minute, unimportant spot? - Author: Virginia Woolf
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