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#1. of day it was or how we were feeling, they were

Alexander McCall Smith

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#2. I like my home and I like the nature.

Billy Corgan

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#3. Pharmaceuticals have become an increasingly important part of modern medicine, and our seniors shouldn't have to worry about whether they can afford the medicines they need to stay healthy and maintain their independence.

Michael K. Simpson

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#4. The thing that makes me feel most alive is knowing that there's something that I have to do that I'm afraid of.


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#5. Mia, I told you how I feel. I'm an asshole and I don't say or show how I feel very often, so how about you just fucking enjoy it. -Christopher Mason

Sadie Grubor

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#6. The pleasures of the palate deal with us like Egyptian thieves who strangle those whom they embrace.

Seneca The Younger

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#7. The United States is a land of free speech. Nowhere is speech freer - not even here where we sedulously cultivate it even in its most repulsive form.

Winston Churchill

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#8. You are likely to see no general reformation till you procure family reformation. Some little obscure religion there may be in here and there one; but while it sticks in single persons, and is not promoted by these societies, it doth not prosper, nor promise much for future increase.

Richard Baxter

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#9. I don't want to buy something that has harmed anyone. This is my absolutely strongest belief, and I believe other people think this, too. Or if they don't now, they will.

Brunello Cucinelli

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#10. At night I leave the lights on in my little house and walks across the flat fields. When I look back from a distance the house is like a boat on the sea. It's really the only time I feel safe.

Will Graham

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