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#1. I Believe she thought I had forgotten my station; and yours, sir.'
'Station! Station!
your station is in my heart, and on the necks of those who would insult you, now or hereafter. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#2. Nobody's Perfect - Author: Miley Cyrus
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#3. I'm a very spiritual person. And it affects my work greatly. - Author: Erin Davie
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#4. Silence. Silence. Why is it always about silence? I wish both of us could tell the world and be free from the chains we drag around. - Author: Jessica Sorensen
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#5. Although he liked nearly everything else about himself, Keith hated his redeeming features. In his view they constituted his only major shortcoming -his one tragic flaw. - Author: Martin Amis
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#6. To poison a nation, poison its stories. A demoralised nation tells demoralised stories to itself. Beware of the storytellers who are not fully conscious of the importance of their gifts, and who are irresponsible in the application of their art: they - Author: Ben Okri
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#7. Speaking from personal experience, I think that losing the sense of free will has only improved my ethics - by increasing my feelings of compassion and forgiveness, and diminishing my sense of entitlement to the fruits of my own good luck. Is - Author: Sam Harris
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#8. Unfortunately, when someone asks me for a favor, I can't say no. Because of my upbringing - my Catholic guilt - if I don't do it, it plagues me. - Author: Bradley Cooper
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#9. When I go back to God after my life, I want to make sure I go back with absolutely no talent and tell him, "I used up everything you gave me. - Author: Abhishek Krishnan
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#10. Indeed one streak in our economy, we're missing the big oil companies. We're missing other big energy companies. We're missing the big picture, and I have a record of trying to go at the problems that actually exist, and I will continue to do that. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#11. There is but one honest limit to the rights of a sentient being; it is where they touch the rights of another sentient being. - Author: Frances Wright
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#12. Coffee it is best to buy by the bag, as it improves by keeping. Let it hang in the bag, in a dry place, and it loses its rank smell and taste. - Author: Catharine Beecher
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#13. I have come to have the firm conviction that vanity is the basis of everything, and finally that what one calls conscience is only inner vanity. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
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#14. Every year I'm doing different projects, concerts, touring, open-air festivals. - Author: Nina Hagen
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#15. What if his ambitions was just a name he gave to a kind of conformity, and he was going back because he wasn't brave enough to live a life that wasn't expected of him, a life so far from any road that there wouldn't be any signposts or milestones? - Author: Caleb Crain
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