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#1. We all take from our artistic endeavors what we as individuals need, to make the process unique and fulfilling to ourselves.

Kim Weston

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#2. From heresy, frenzy and jealousy, good Lord deliver me.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#3. I regret not death. I am going to meet my friends in another world.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#4. In general I don't like definitions, but 'Minimalist' is a term that means elegance and openness, so I would prefer to be called a Minimalist than something else.

Ludovico Einaudi

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#5. We soon believe the things we would believe.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#6. For rarely man escapes his destiny.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#7. Tyler was just like any other girl now. She was manipulative and greedy. She was a witch in fucking sexy high heels.

Jaimie Roberts

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#8. Outward appearances mean everything.

Simone Elkeles

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#9. They think they have God Almighty by the toe.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#10. I think it sits quite happily with me, the condition of being an actor. I see some people getting quite eaten up with it, with the insecurities. There are times when I long for continuity and stability, but I also love the idea of not knowing what I'll be doing next - or even if I'm going to work.

Matthew Macfadyen

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#11. Thinking is a sacred disease and sight is deceptive.


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#12. It is only when we become aware that our time is limited that we can channel our energy into truly living

Ludovico Einaudi

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#13. I used to do crazy things that people would bail me out of, and I'm just grateful that I survived. But the music got very lost; I didn't know where I was going, and I didn't really care. I was more into just having a good time, and I think it showed.

Eric Clapton

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#14. Such fire was not by water to be drowned, nor he his nature changed by changing ground.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#15. When the devil grows old he turns hermit.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#16. Cruelty ever proceeds from a vile mind, and often from a cowardly heart.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#17. Trade liberty for safety or money and you'll end up with neither. Liberty, like a grain of salt, easily dissolves. The power of questioning - not simply believing - has no friends. Yet liberty depends on it.

Thomas Jefferson

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#18. Man proposes, and God disposes.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#19. Some people take lives. Other people save lives.

Brandon Sanderson

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#20. Who seems most hideous when adorned the most.

Ludovico Ariosto

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#21. No crime can ever be defended on rational grounds.


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#22. Human beings are no longer born to their place in life, and chained down by an inexorable bond to the place they are born to, but are free to employ their faculties, and such favourable chances as offer, to achieve the lot which may appear to them most desirable.

John Stuart Mill

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#23. You better get it while you can

Steve Goodman

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#24. Nature made him, and then broke the mold.

Ludovico Ariosto

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