Top 18 Lovely Vicious Quotes

#1. I loved the sea. I loved steamers and sailboats and surf and sailors. And I yearned and strained to the sea, always the sea, for it is a lovely, vicious lonely thing. In its limitless variety I had a sort of HOME.

L. Ron Hubbard

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#2. You truly cannot afford the luxury of even one negative thought. A worrisome thought is like an embryo: it starts off small but grows and grows. Soon it takes on a life of its own. Stop feeding what doesn't serve you.

Robin S. Sharma

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#3. Of course, I grew up hearing Latin music but, to be honest, aside from my personal circumstances, like most kids I wanted to rebel against what I considered to be such old fashioned fare.

Oscar Hijuelos

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#4. Flying visits don't work,' Tom said as we drove home, 'not for a place you've really loved.' I don't think he expected us to be back and around much, and maybe this was his way of saying he'd understand that too.

Ian Walthew

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#5. I think we all have madness in us, it's just that I've realized mine and found a way to let it out.

John Glover

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#6. I didn't hit the ball like I was 46. But I putted like I was 66.

Fred Couples

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#7. She knew violence- and my, what a lovely thing to profess knowledge of.

Shiloh Walker

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#8. A man in love prefers his passion to every other consideration, and is fonder of his mistress than he is of virtue. Should she prove vicious, she makes vice lovely in his eyes.

William Hazlitt

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#9. Children from like 8 and even up to the college age - Spider-Man appeals to a fairly broad demographic but, like I said, a mean age probably of 12 is a good mark - they process information so quickly and it's not because of attention deficit or short attention span.

Thomas Haden Church

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#10. The only test of a soul's salvation is its inward happiness.

Lin Yutang

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#11. Give your best today; you will create a better tomorrow.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#12. I believed that the way passed through Man, and that it was from there that destiny had to emerge.

Pablo Neruda

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#13. I sometimes have the feeling that her entire life was merely a continuation of her mother's, much as the course of a ball on the billiard table is merely the continuation of the player's arm movement.

Milan Kundera

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#14. As stupid and vicious as men are, this is a lovely day.

Kurt Vonnegut

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#15. Quacks are a part of our culture, and we all fall prey to them. Who among us can say, for sure, that even our own personal physicians are honest and competent?

Hunter S. Thompson

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#16. Hatred is blind and anger deaf: the one who pours himself a cup of vengeance is likely to drink a bitter draught.

Alexandre Dumas

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#17. Whoever is guided solely by his own judgment and decision will never climb up to the summit of perfection and will not fail to be the victim of the devil's ruinous power to delude.

John Cassian

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#18. This is my command- be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.


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