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Top 100 Love Couples Sayings

#1. Winter is much like unrequited love; cold and merciless. - Author: Kellie Elmore
Love Couples Sayings #644221
#2. Friendship has splendors that love knows not. It grows stronger when crossed, whereas obstacles kill love. Friendship resists time, which wearies and severs couples. It has heights unknown to love. - Author: Mariama Ba
Love Couples Sayings #799148
#3. Are you mad?" She breathes from behind me. I spin around to face her.
"What do you think?" I clip.
"That you're going to save me." She says quietly. - Author: K. Lars
Love Couples Sayings #779552
#4. Love is having someone to do nothing with. - Author: Melanie Cusick-Jones
Love Couples Sayings #776468
#5. Even on my weakest days
I get a little bit stronger - Author: Sara Evans
Love Couples Sayings #772985
#6. Marriage is a sort of tacit hunting in couples. The world all in couples, each couple in its own little house, watching its own little interests and stewing in its own little privacy - it's the most repulsive thing in the world. One's got to get rid of the exclusiveness of married love. - Author: Susan Sontag
Love Couples Sayings #745649
#7. I love you, Risa," he says. "Every last part of me. - Author: Neal Shusterman
Love Couples Sayings #736741
#8. You're an expert at sorry and keeping the lines blurry - Author: Taylor Swift
Love Couples Sayings #734533
#9. A thousand fireworks explode inside me, and I feel them in him too, in his lips on mine, and his hands in my hair, and he way we pull each other closer. Everything else falls away, and in this moment, when we touch, we are light. - Author: Jessi Kirby
Love Couples Sayings #708637
#10. Time made me stronger, you're no longer on my mind - Author: Boyz II Men
Love Couples Sayings #704386
#11. The love, loyalty, and dedication of Mary and Joseph are an example for all Christian couples, who are neither the friends nor masters of their children's lives, but the guardians of this incomparable gift from God. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Love Couples Sayings #699350
#12. Shepley stomped into the apartment and slammed the door behind him. "She's fucking impossible!"
I kissed Travis on the cheek. "That's my cue."
"Good luck," Travis said.
I slid in beside America, and she huffed. "He's fucking impossible! - Author: Jamie McGuire
Love Couples Sayings #688100
#13. It's assumed we'll be giving a present together
that's what couples are supposed to do. After a while, you become part of a proper noun. We're Daniel-and-Mandy. - Author: David Levithan
Love Couples Sayings #658848
#14. I treat everyone that way I expect to be treated and that applies to marriage. Committed couples should be able to marry the person they love - Author: Sean Avery
Love Couples Sayings #807064
#15. God's Word is the divine blueprint that shows you how to build every part of your life. - Author: Jim George
Love Couples Sayings #642203
#16. You are the greatest wife of all times and I love you so much more' said my husband, Jeremiah Nii Mama Akita - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Love Couples Sayings #641552
#17. Most married couples, even though they love each other very much in theory, tend to view each other in practice as large teeming flaw colonies, the result of being that they get on each other's nerves and regularly erupt into vicious emotional shouting matches over such issues as toaster settings. - Author: Dave Barry
Love Couples Sayings #620470
#18. I missed you so much," she breathed.
I tilted my head back and put my hands on her shoulders. I could hardly believe this was happening. I was finally getting to touch her. To kiss her. It was all happening. "I missed you, too. - Author: Kieran Scott
Love Couples Sayings #604469
#19. Whether you're the best lawyer ...
Or the greatest philosopher ...
There will alway be at least two people that you can never win any argument with ...
Your child ...
And your wife ...
So don't argue with them ...
Just love them ... - Author: Nelson M. Lubao
Love Couples Sayings #585671
#20. Long-married couples balance their checkbooks as a substitute for love-making, or they refuse each other love by protesting one another's financial error or excess. - Author: Diana Trilling
Love Couples Sayings #549063
#21. I could stay here forever interrupting our talking with kissing, interrupting our kissing with talking. - Author: Nicola Yoon
Love Couples Sayings #517491
#22. couples. Their duties done, they had eyes only for each other, locking glances and smiling deeply; two realms, two rulers, united in love and a shared dream. It - Author: Jacqueline Carey
Love Couples Sayings #515720
#23. I'm sorry. I know I have hurt you, but I would like to make the future different. I would like to love you in your language. I would like to meet your needs. I have seen marriages rescued from the brink of divorce when couples make the choice to love. - Author: Gary Chapman
Love Couples Sayings #506665
#24. Love is a good thing on a bad day, when the last thing you want is to be cheered up. - Author: Chad Sugg
Love Couples Sayings #490935
#25. Some things a heart won't listen to, I'm still holding out for you - Author: SHeDAISY
Love Couples Sayings #490108
#26. To see two couples that are battling to make it work just shows that love is in a marriage, but there are also trials and things that you have to make it through and showing women and men how to keep it spicy. - Author: Kyla Pratt
Love Couples Sayings #875684
#27. We all get one life to live here. It's 2012, and for gay and lesbian couples who are in love, not to be able to be married is so absurd. - Author: Howard Stern
Love Couples Sayings #968968
#28. Same-sex couples should have the right to civil marriage. Our time on this earth is limited, I know that better than most. Life comes down to who you love and who loves you back- government has no place in the middle. - Author: Mark Kirk
Love Couples Sayings #960938
#29. Admire and appreciate your man and he will be happy on your side - Author: Linda Alfiori
Love Couples Sayings #955453
#30. One could argue that it's romantic to die for love. Of course, then you're dead and unable to take that honeymoon trip to the Alps with all the other fashionable young couples, which is a shame. - Author: Libba Bray
Love Couples Sayings #946373
#31. You asked me to be an open book. As I've already told you, I am. Anything you need to know about me can be found. Don't confuse me, a paperback, with a book on tape. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Love Couples Sayings #937348
#32. When a clandestine couple kisses, it is much more likely that sex will immediately follow. This is because there is much more risk. Once you have kissed secretly, it is very difficult not to have sex. It would be impolite not to have sex. You have to show that you are serious about each other. - Author: Adam Thirlwell
Love Couples Sayings #930466
#33. Ladies, you have a ton of power if you just understand the fundamental differences between men and women and unaffectedly play by the rules. - Author: Julieanne O'Connor
Love Couples Sayings #929842
#34. because being with you makes perfect sense - Author: Tim McGraw
Love Couples Sayings #885394
#35. We will all experience the judgment of others when we fall in love. Love with your whole being anyway. - Author: Julieanne O'Connor
Love Couples Sayings #885246
#36. I think real life couples on screen are kind of deadly. For the most part, they're kind of deadly. You'd be surprised. Unless they're falling in love onscreen for the first time, you don't have quite the same energy for some reason. - Author: Amy Poehler
Love Couples Sayings #884396
#37. I've rarely met couples who - they both love to do everything together. - Author: Paul Mazursky
Love Couples Sayings #880812
#38. If we are truly created equal than truly the love we commit to one another must be equal as well, this ruling will strengthen all of our communities by offering to all same sex couples the dignity of marriage across this great land. - Author: Barack Obama
Love Couples Sayings #879467
#39. One of the most difficult things he'd ever done was turn away and leave her standing in the shadows. - Author: Rachel Gibson
Love Couples Sayings #473655
#40. This would be a much better world if more married couples were as deeply in love as they are in debt. - Author: Earl Wilson
Love Couples Sayings #868877
#41. I'd Drown For You
I opened my heart to you
A complete immersion
I offered my soul to you
A heavenly diversion - Author: Muse
Love Couples Sayings #866951
#42. Watching them was like watching the sunset and the sunrise, equally beautiful in different ways. - Author: Shannon A. Thompson
Love Couples Sayings #863326
#43. I miss him in so many ways, but right now I miss him in the way you always miss someone when you're single among a room full of couples. - Author: Emily Giffin
Love Couples Sayings #858464
#44. 1. Feed off you.
2. Replenish you.
3. Repeat. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Love Couples Sayings #858038
#45. Occasionally, she wondered if all couples struggled so much to understand one another, spoke so little at dinner together, spent so much time camped out in front of the TV. Did all women sometimes feel distanced from their man while they were making love? - Author: Galt Niederhoffer
Love Couples Sayings #857233
#46. I've been burdened with blame trapped in the past for too long, I'm moving on - Author: Rascal Flatts
Love Couples Sayings #855926
#47. To love without ownership, to love with total trust and faith in that very love, to love with the same faith you have that your heart will keep beating moments from now, that is the ultimate love. - Author: Julieanne O'Connor
Love Couples Sayings #855459
#48. In truth, they were not given to quarrelling. Many couples who love each other more, quarrel more, and with less politeness. - Author: George MacDonald
Love Couples Sayings #850332
#49. In my work, I see couples who no longer wait for an invitation into their partner's interiority, but instead demand admittance, as if they are entitled to unrestricted access into the private thoughts of their loved ones - Author: Esther Perel
Love Couples Sayings #847590
#50. I couldn't love you for who you are because you showed me who you truly wanted to be, and I loved her more. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Love Couples Sayings #824968
#51. We had twenty eight days together but it feels like a lifetime. She's right, without her it feels like I'm being strangled and fighting for air. I can't just sit here day after day wishing I could at least see her face. -Colin - Author: K. Lars
Love Couples Sayings #136734
#52. With regard to navigating relationship's highways and bi-ways - avoid changing lanes without first giving a signal. - Author: T.F. Hodge
Love Couples Sayings #288448
#53. So hand in hand they passed, the loveliest pair that ever since in love's embraces met
Adam, the goodliest man of men since born his sons; the fairest of her daughters Eve. - Author: John Milton
Love Couples Sayings #270403
#54. Giving and receiving love is vital to human existence. It is the glue that binds couples, families, communities, cultures, and nations. - Author: G. Frank Lawlis
Love Couples Sayings #246129
#55. In her attempt to make me a good man, I made her a bad woman. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Love Couples Sayings #236143
#56. Many marriages falter, it seems to me, not because the couples are out of love, but because they have never been friends as much as lovers. They may love each other, in a vaporously romantic way, but they do not really like each other as individual personalities. - Author: Sydney J. Harris
Love Couples Sayings #193337
#57. When couples come together, it's for big reasons. Sometimes more than they believe. And the person who is right for you is exactly the one that makes you become who heaven intended you to be. - Author: Pamela Morsi
Love Couples Sayings #179362
#58. Some scientists hypothesize that having children is the only reason romantic love came about. It kept couples together long enough to mate and see a baby through infancy. - Author: Daria Snadowsky
Love Couples Sayings #179018
#59. It's just not as hot without biting, scratching, and spanking, involved. - Author: Jennifer Salaiz
Love Couples Sayings #163344
#60. You asked why I couldn't forgive you," Nick said, very quietly, and I jumped a little. "It was because you were the love of my life, Harper. And you didn't want to be. That's hard to let go. - Author: Kristan Higgins
Love Couples Sayings #161228
#61. On not crowding another person in a relationship: Next time you're at a cemetary, look around at all the headstones. They're side by side. Even married couples. Nobody wants a plot on top of another person's plot. Why? ... Even when they're dead, people still love their own space. - Author: Kristen Tracy
Love Couples Sayings #143968
#62. I do not see the E.E.C. [European Economic Community] as a great love affair. It's more like nine middle aged couples with failing marriages meeting at a Brussels hotel for a group grope. - Author: Kenneth Tynan
Love Couples Sayings #139558
#63. Couples who rarely or never have sex can know lifelong love.
- Author: Bell Hooks
Love Couples Sayings #138352
#64. Lasting love has to be built on mutual regard and respect. It is about seeing the other person. I am very interested in relationships and, when I watch couples, sometimes I can sense a blindness has set in. They have stopped seeing each other. It is not easy to see another person. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Love Couples Sayings #289561
#65. I don't know why you care.
He doesn't even know you're there - Author: NSYNC
Love Couples Sayings #127336
#66. At your absolute best, you still won't be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you'll still be worth it to the right person. - Author: Karen Salmansohn
Love Couples Sayings #109010
#67. Life is surreal. When you step back and really take a look at it, the irony is absolute. - Author: Julieanne O'Connor
Love Couples Sayings #105669
#68. Sometimes a Cupid plays hard to catch
As he always got new couples to match. - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
Love Couples Sayings #94636
#69. If someone doesn't like what you bring to the table in a relationship, let them eat alone. - Author: Karen Salmansohn
Love Couples Sayings #74001
#70. I wonder how many people don't get the one they want, but end up with the one they're supposed to be with. - Author: Fannie Flagg
Love Couples Sayings #69487
#71. There are few couples as unhappy as those who are too proud to admit their unhappiness. - Author: P.D. James
Love Couples Sayings #44057
#72. Don't ever say that, Fennrys," she said. "I don't ever want to hear you say that you don't deserve or you aren't worthy. You do. You are. - Author: Lesley Livingston
Love Couples Sayings #43808
#73. The First and Worst sin couples commit against one another is not adultery but Negligence because it's Negligence that breeds it couples , do not hold back in giving that care and attention. - Author: Jaachynma N.E. Agu
Love Couples Sayings #41712
#74. Those men, they're built differently. They love differently, and they need different things. We're the same way. This is the life we know, and while some may not understand it . . . we do. Our love is stronger than most couples, and you and Liam are no different. - Author: Corinne Michaels
Love Couples Sayings #13691
#75. Most couples get married because it's time, not because they're in love. They might have money issues, parental pressure, or they're simply tired of being alone - so they pick Mr. Good Enough and tie the knot. - Author: H.M. Ward
Love Couples Sayings #7267
#76. He is the cheese to my macaroni. - Author: Diablo Cody
Love Couples Sayings #340272
#77. I miss everything about you
Can't believe that I still want you
And after all the things we've been through - Author: Colbie Caillat
Love Couples Sayings #473169
#78. As if reading her mind, he leaned into her again, pupils dark, irises glowing like a forest caught in the last rays of sun before dusk ... "Do you want me to make you come?"
"Is that a trick question? - Author: Dianna Hardy
Love Couples Sayings #448556
#79. Who were these people, all of them young couples, a few fabulous ones, tall thin-haired blondes with toned men in perfectly pressed jeans
neither fearing the loss of the other. - Author: Dave Eggers
Love Couples Sayings #442802
#80. Passing Proposition 8 did not stop LGBTQ couples from going to sleep that night with their partners. What it did accomplish, however, was remind the gay community once again that they are not looked at as equals, that the God of so many does not love them. - Author: Timothy Kurek
Love Couples Sayings #423929
#81. I know my heart will never be the same
But I'm telling myself I'll be okay - Author: Sara Evans
Love Couples Sayings #420760
#82. Couples don't fall out of love so much as they fall out of repentance. - Author: Gary L. Thomas
Love Couples Sayings #415871
#83. What all couples have ever wanted, a little bit of privacy in which to practice all manners of love. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Love Couples Sayings #406648
#84. Friendship is all about trust and sharing. Passionate and romantic love is all about sex and emotions. You have to try to combine those, I think. The great marriages, the great couples I know, have both. - Author: Isabel Allende
Love Couples Sayings #402775
#85. He said he loved more than any other women he's ever loved and I had a black eye to prove it. - Author: Crystal Woods
Love Couples Sayings #389610
#86. We can say we love each other if my life is better because you're in it and your life is better because I'm in it. - Author: Chris Crutcher
Love Couples Sayings #366609
#87. Watch me go. Watch me. Because you said i couldn't. Because you thought I wouldn't. Go on, cry now. Cry. - Author: Kellie Elmore
Love Couples Sayings #360452
#88. Some men will take you to the movies. Some will take you to the mountaintop. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Love Couples Sayings #354740
#89. You want to take me to a movie?" I asked.
"Well, not really," he said. "What I really want is for you to be my girlfriend. But I thought saying that might scare you off. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Love Couples Sayings #4919
#90. The one thing you should never do to a woman, whether you make love to her or fuck her, is apologise straight after. - Author: Dianna Hardy
Love Couples Sayings #339615
#91. It's very frustrating making a picture in Paris. We work hard all day at the studio to get a love scene just right. Then, on my way home, I see couples on every street corner doing it better. - Author: Bob Hope
Love Couples Sayings #335498
#92. His sexy smile crept back into me [...] and he made me feel like I could do it. That I could change my life too. - Author: Stacie Hammond
Love Couples Sayings #322293
#93. If you search for imperfections, you'll find them - Author: Jose Enincas
Love Couples Sayings #317263
#94. There are also dozens and dozens of success stories; many couples have emailed me with their original posts. I love reading these stories, but confess I am not as interested in drawing them as the unfinished, elusive ones. - Author: Sophie Blackall
Love Couples Sayings #314195
#95. If you're trying to change someone you love, you don't love them. It's the oddnesses, the most unique imperfections that you'd miss the most. That's the stuff you can't replace. Everything else is easy to come by. - Author: Crystal Woods
Love Couples Sayings #311092
#96. A dung beetle couple in love constantly proves that you still can be in love living on shit. - Author: Munia Khan
Love Couples Sayings #309768
#97. I suppose all couples feel this way at some point - that their bond is the most special, the strongest, the Greatest Love of All. Not all the time, just in those few and far between moments where you look at the person you're with and think: Yes. It's you. - Author: Colleen Oakley
Love Couples Sayings #305662
#98. Thousands of young couples go through with a loveless marriage because no one ever told them what genuine love is. If people today knew that kind of love, the divorce rate would be sharply reduced. - Author: Billy Graham
Love Couples Sayings #297293
#99. Love is a renewable resource - Author: Blanshard & Blanshard
Love Couples Sayings #297021
#100. In real life, couples bond and war over a million different things. The causes of divorce are like beautiful, unique snowflakes. - Author: Howard Mittelmark
Love Couples Sayings #290072

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