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#1. He took a step toward her, than another, tentatively, gathering all his strength, as though about to throw a heavy switch that would, if his calculations were correct, bring light to a hundred cities and ten thousand darkened rooms. He was going to ask her to dance - that was all. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#2. Angela Carter's fiction blew me away and really instilled a passion for writing, bolstered by Vladimir Nabokov. But in general, I can't point to any one thing. I just always loved books and writing. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
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#3. Don't ya wanna hear the secret?' his eyes were narrow and mean, despite the glaze of rum. Louer drained his glass and slammed it to the bar. 'You get happy by learnin' to say 'yes' to what life offers you, but stay happy by rememberin' when to start sayin' 'no'. - Author: T.B. McKenzie
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#4. My wife and I had been trying a while to have a baby. We tried a bunch of things - so we had a surrogate. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#5. People say, 'What if your name was Niki Smith?' Well, if Niki Smith lived the life I've lived, it would have great bearing. - Author: Niki Tsongas
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#6. You know why you have to give [Donald] Trump credit, whether you don't like him or not? He opened the door.Now there's a lot of talk about immigration. That's good. Nobody wanted to talk about it. - Author: Joe Arpaio
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#7. There are three things being a celebrity is good for: raising money for charity, dinner reservations and tee times. - Author: Dennis Quaid
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#8. It requires an act of extreme arrogance to think that we can - through God or science - learn even the most fundamental secrets of the universe. To say as much claims that we are somehow greater than the universe in which we live, its masters, when in fact it is master of us. - Author: Michel Templet
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#9. I wrote a fair amount of poetry in college. It was really, really bad. I mean, bad. And that's how I found out - by doing it. - Author: John McPhee
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#10. The most beautiful warrior, who has scar tissue designs coiled like railroad tracks over the rigorous architecture of his chest and shoulders and back. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#11. The PhD system is the real root of the evil of academic snobbery. People who have PhDs consider themselves a priesthood, and inventors generally don't have PhDs. - Author: Freeman Dyson
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#12. A 1940 Gallup poll showed 83 percent of the public was against intervention. A good pretext was needed to gain support from an intransigent public. - Author: Jim Marrs
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#13. He heard the voice that had called to him in dreams, had saved him from the sands and from following his brother into the river. - Author: V.S. Carnes
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