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#1. So, how'd you know about this place?"
"One of my buddies is from Baltimore area - I texted him."
"Saying what? 'Hey dude, know any secluded places?' He probably thinks you're a serial killer."
"I think I said 'romantic and private'. - Author: Emery Lord
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#2. Leo?"
"Yeah, sunshine."
"So not a one night thing," I whisper.
He chuckles softly and drapes an arm around me, pulling me closer to him.
"I'm glad you're catching up. - Author: Kristen Proby
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#3. The vast majority of people who watch baseball can properly call 95% of all plays that happen on the field. My job is to teach you how to call the other 5%. - Author: Jim Evans
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#4. Even so, the major feeling and thought that I'd like them to keep in mind is the aesthetic ability of such a film to express the need for everyone to take part in the protection and preservation of humankind and the Earth. - Author: Martine Epoque
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#5. Little girls fear being a princess that was never rescued but little boys fear being a prince that was too late. - Author: Tommy Tran
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#6. Long after you and I are gone, God will still be at work - and many of the things we prayed for will finally come to pass. - Author: Billy Graham
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#7. Tell her you know the area, and you could show her some of the best natural landscapes. Ask if she'd like to go hiking. Or just hog tie her and throw her in the back of your truck, Caveman." "Very - Author: Krista Phillips
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#8. Look deeper through the telescope
and do not be afraid when the stars
collide towards the darkness,
because sometimes the most beautiful
things begin in chaos. - Author: Robert M. Drake
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#9. I'm afraid I've already found my Ever After, Hort," said Sophie.
"What? With who?" Hort asked, aghast.
"On my own," she said, her voice sure and clear. "I'm happy on my own."
And for the first time, she knew it was true. - Author: Soman Chainani
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