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Top 15 Looking Up Stock Quotes

#1. It had come back to him simply that what he had been looking at all summer was a very rich and beautiful world, and that it had not all been made by sharp railroad men and stock-brokers. - Author: Henry James
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#2. Poirot and I behaved in the customary fashion of people being shown over houses. We stood stock still, looking a little ill at ease, murmuring remarks such as: "Very nice." "A very pleasant room." "The morning-room, you say? - Author: Agatha Christie
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#3. Persecution is a bad and indirect way to plan religion. - Author: Thomas Browne
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#4. The success of the stock connect program and the increased market volatility means investors are looking for more products to access China markets performance than exchange traded funds, and futures are feeding that rising demand. - Author: Andrew Sullivan
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#5. No one could look at the beautiful young man now. They dropped their eyes from the scalding sight. From the eclipse. As all that love turned into hate. - Author: Louise Penny
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#6. I stopped wasting time on what [other] people claimed a stock was worth and started looking at the numbers. - Author: Irving Kahn
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#7. Now, I can smile at the stock quality of these friends, these uniforms. these looking-glasses, these sharers. Each is a character lifted straight from literature and yet, life successfully aping art, they are alive, and fulfil their destinies - or act their parts - flawlessly. - Author: Hal Porter
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#8. The development-minded prime minister is looking for foreign capital and technology to boost India's economy. China's stock of direct investment of $400m in India is derisory - less than that of Belgium. Talk fills the Indian press of a 250-fold increase, to $100 billion in just a few years. - Author: Anonymous
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#9. [E]very Man who comes among us, and takes up a piece of Land, becomes a Citizen, and by our Constitution has a Voice in Elections, and a share in the Government of the Country. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#10. You're a big boy," Ana observes, staring blankly into her cup. "You could have said no." "I stand with Oscar Wilde on the subject of temptation. - Author: Don Winslow
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#11. He was too busy checking out and checking in, making and breaking plans, buying and losing cell phones, playing computer games and pool, looking at stock quotes, and living the chaotic life that effectively took up all his energy and time. - Author: Dalma Heyn
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#12. We invite American companies looking to raise capital to list on the Bahrain Stock Exchange. The region has a liquidity oversupply approximating $1 trillion and this pool of capital can be tapped into by creative American companies. The next Facebook may very well get funded on the BSE. - Author: Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa
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#13. When you are Patient you can be Practical and rationale - Author: M.Mnzava
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#14. Ethan and I drove around Silicon Valley today looking at various company parking lots to see whose workers are working on a Sunday. He says that's the surest way to tell which company to invest in. If the techies aren't grinding, the stock ain't climbing. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#15. Some say society must change in order to change people. No, people must be changed in order to change society. - Author: Charles Colson
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