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Top 58 Look Up To Jesus Quotes

#1. I'm not pretty. The truth is I didn't think I could be a model at all. I was looking at some of the guys on the walls at Irene Marie and I thought to myself 'Jesus Christ. I can't do this. I don't look anything like these guys'. - Author: Channing Tatum
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#2. Most people think that Christianity is spelled DO: they look at the Bible or the life of Christ, and they simply try hard to live like Jesus. Christianity is really spelled DONE: it is what Christ has done that enables us to live a life of obedience.30 - Author: Darrin Patrick
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#3. Minister every day. Opportunities are all around you. Look for them. Ask the Lord to help you recognize them. You will find that most consist of small, sincere acts that help others become followers of Jesus Christ. - Author: David L. Beck
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#4. I continued to find myself in a constant process of attempting to deconstruct values that were cultural and replace them with the legitimate teachings of Jesus - no matter how crazy that made me look to the world or Christians around me. - Author: Benjamin L. Corey
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#5. The righteousness of Jesus Christ is one of those great mysteries, which the angels desire to look into, and seems to be one of the first lessons that God taught men after the fall. - Author: George Whitefield
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#6. Every time I go look for God amidst sorrow, I always find Jesus at the cross, in death and resurrection. This is our God. - Author: Nadia Bolz-Weber
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#7. Our motives and thoughts ultimately influence our actions. Jesus repeatedly emphasized the power of good thoughts and proper motives: 'Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not'
In Proverbs we read, 'For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he - Author: Dieter F. Uchtdorf
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#8. Jesus said that whatever you did to the least of his people, you did to him, and the lifers in penitentiaries are the leastest people in this country. Just look to see whose budgets are being cut these days -- the old, the crazies, the children in Head Start -- and that's where Jesus will be. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#9. Jesus was always on the front-lines washing dirty feet. Humility soon is shelved in ministry and we start thinking to much of ourselves. It is hard to effectively minister in Christ name when we look down on someone, but if we are washing their feet we look up to them giving them value and worth. - Author: Jonah Books
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#10. I was flying back from Lubbock and I saw Jesus on the plane, or maybe it was Elvis. You know, they kind of look the same. - Author: Don Henley
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#11. So when you look at Jesus and it appears that he's flying he really is...flying. But what you are actually seeing is me my life in him. That's how he lives and acts as a true human how every human is designed to live-out of my life. - Author: William Paul Young
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#12. I want everybody to worship the God of love instead of worshipping the God of hate and torture. But in the meantime, we don't want to force Jesus Christ on anybody and look that we are trying to force our beliefs onto others. - Author: Mosab Hassan Yousef
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#13. Let go of your past, and look to Mine, where I died for you. Yield to Me, and I will make you a true Knight of the Prince. - Author: Chuck Black
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#14. One of the most important things to do in a church that wants to nurture and administrate prophetic ministry is to dial down the mysticism and the carnal desire to look superspiritual. We need to keep our eyes off people and remain focused on Jesus and His purpose for us. - Author: Mike Bickle
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#15. Look for Jesus in others and they will see Him in you! - Author: D.A. McBride
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#16. O Christian, look up and take comfort. Jesus has prepared a place for you, and those who follow Him shall never perish, neither shall anyone pluck them out of His hands. - Author: J.C. Ryle
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#17. The gospel declares, because of Christ's finished work for you, you already have all the approval, all the security, all the love, all the worth, and all the rescue you long for and that you desperately look for in a thousand places, all of which are infinitely smaller than Jesus. - Author: Tullian Tchividjian
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#18. Look at all the people who received miracles from Jesus during His ministry on earth. Not a single one of them deserved it. - Author: Paul Silway
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#19. Oh, now look. She prays to the Mother of Jesus as if she believes she can intercede for her. Ma infantile, you surely do not understand the depth of those repetitious lines, do you - Author: Sai Marie Johnson
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#20. That's it," Flanagan said, his thick hands gripping the bar and his eyes wide. "I'm getting back on the wagon and I'm never getting off again. Oh, Jesus, look at that."
"I'm looking," Jesus said. Flanagan flicked an annoyed glance at him - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#21. What would people think?'
Jesus said that people think all sorts of things. The human mind is like a cloud of gnats. Constant motion. That's why you have to look at the heart.
'Oh,' said Grandpa. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#22. Usually, old ladies tell me to find Jesus. Look, I'm just trying to find some chai and a good vegan muffin. - Author: Davey Havok
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#23. Certainly we should be very active in seeking God, and Jesus himself called us to 'ask, seek, knock' in order to find him. Yet those who enter a relationship with God inevitably look back and recognize that God's grace had sought them out, breaking them open to new realities. - Author: Timothy Keller
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#24. Jesus wasn't just a great character, a hero figure for subsequent generations to look up to. He was announcing good news - something that was happening and has now happened, something that changes the world. And either he was right or he was wrong. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#25. What Jesus did and said was designed to give a decisive answer, in deeds as well as words, to the question, What would it look like if God was running things? - Author: N. T. Wright
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#26. Please, can you just stop being such a bitch for two fucking minutes? Jesus."
He ran his hand through his hair, clenching his fingers near his scalp.
I gave him a scathing look and turned away again. "Fuck you. You're not queer enough to call me a bitch. - Author: Amelia C. Gormley
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#27. Life can sometime be very hard for us and we feel that as if we are drowning in our problems. when we feel this way we only need to look up and see that there is a hand reaching out to save us. - Author: Pastor David Smith
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#28. I look at Guy Fieri and I just think, 'Jesus, I'm glad that's not me.' - Author: Anthony Bourdain
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#29. The gospel does not prompt you to mere reflection; the gospel requires a response. In the process of hearing Jesus, you are compelled to take an honest look at your life, your family, and your church and not just ask, 'What is he saying?' but also ask, 'What shall I do?' - Author: David Platt
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#30. I look upon all four Gospels as thoroughly genuine, for there shines forth from them the reflected splendor of a sublimity proceeding from Jesus Christ. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#31. Do you believe in Jesus?
Jesse looks at me so brown-eyed it hurts.He nods."I do," he says.
I sit up.
"I think you look like him. - Author: Carol Lynch Williams
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#32. A sign points to something beyond itself. For example, a road sign directs you where to go. If you are among the elect of God, you are a sign. People in your spheres of influence should be able to look at you and find their way to Jesus. - Author: Rod Parsley
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#33. Give up the struggle and the fight; relax in the omnipotence of the Lord Jesus; look up into His lovely face and as you behold Him, He will transform you into His likeness. You do the beholding - He does the transforming. There is no short-cut to holiness. - Author: Alan Redpath
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#34. Jesus' love does not depend upon what we do for him. Not at all. In the eyes of the King, you have value simply because you are. You don't have to look nice or perform well. Your value is inborn. Period. - Author: Max Lucado
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#35. The path Jesus takes you on may look like it's taking you to one dead end after another. Nevertheless, the thread does not work in reverse. If you just obey Jesus and follow it forward, it will do its work. - Author: Timothy J. Keller
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#36. Look how fantastic this ring looks on my hand while it's holding your cook."
"Jesus Christ, woman. - Author: Alice Clayton
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#37. A disappointed-looking Jesus eyed her from the wall ... Look, look, her steps called out, here is a red headed sinner on the move. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#38. John's time and effort were, in the main, spent on pretty honorable stuff. As for the other side, well, nobody's perfect, nobody's Jesus. And look what they did to him. - Author: Paul McCartney
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#39. They look like caricatures of used-car dealers from Dallas. But they're real. And, sweet Jesus, there are a hell of a lot of them - still - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
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#40. Tell me what trying to reconcile with someone who isn't sorry would even look like!"

He paused, then said simply, "It would look like Jesus on the cross. - Author: Jeanne Bishop
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#41. Look at Jesus Christ. Every time he was in trouble he used the Word of God. When he was tempted he used the Word. When he was suffering on the cross he used the Word. - Author: Timothy Keller
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#42. Look to Jesus this Christmas. Receive the reconciliation that he bought. Don't put it on the shelf unopened. And don't open it and then make it a means to all your other pleasures. Open it and enjoy the gift. Rejoice in him. Make him your pleasure. Make him your treasure. - Author: John Piper
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#43. When you look at all the miracles attributed to Jesus, they're all about change. - Author: Michael Sheen
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#44. Jesus, Oscar, Rudolfo said nervously. You look like they put a shirt on a turd, - Author: Junot Diaz
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#45. Turn your soul's vision to Jesus, and look and look at Him, and a strange dimness will come over all that is apart from Him. - Author: Lilias Trotter
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#46. If we were to set out to establish a religion in polar opposition to the Beatitudes Jesus taught, it would look strikingly similar to the pop Christianity that has taken over the airwaves of North America. - Author: Tony Campolo
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#47. If Jesus, Jesse James, and a herd of pink robot unicorns strolled in walking on water, this bunch wouldn't even look up. - Author: Richard Kadrey
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#48. Look to Jesus to be enough for you, and there will never, ever come a day when he is not enough. - Author: Tim Chester
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#49. Shit, you're superlate!"
Reese shrugged as she took in her beautifully made up sister. "Sorry, I couldn't get my hair to look right."
Piper scrunched up her face. "Did you even try" Jesus, you look like roadkill. - Author: Toni Aleo
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#50. Sin does not leap upon us fully armed. It steals in through a look, a swift, silent suggestion or imagination, but love and loyalty to Jesus will make you watchful and swift to rise up and cast out the subtle enemy. Do this and you shall live, and live victoriously. - Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
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#51. When everyone just shook their heads, he unbuttoned his shirt and,
oh good Lord, shrugged out of it, bunching it up to slip beneath her
head like a pillow.
Don't look at him, she told herself. Don't look
She looked.
Sweet Jesus. - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#52. Jesus didn't really die-someone gave him a long drug that made him look like dead, and he revived in the tomb. Answer: Roman soldiers knew how to kill people, and no disciple would have been fooled by a half-drugged, beat-up Jesus into thinking he'd defeated death and inaugurated the kingdom. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#53. I grew up believing Christians didn't just believe in Jesus. To be saved, people had to look and speak a certain way. They followed a long list of nots to ensure their holiness. They fit the mold. They followed the rules. - Author: Anna White
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#54. We met the next day for coffee and when I asked her what was up she said, "I think I'm having a crisis of faith." To which I thought, what the hell does that look like for a Unitarian? "Yeah," she continued, "I-I think I believe in Jesus." Oh. That's what it looks like. - Author: Nadia Bolz-Weber
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#55. You've got to get out of the car, take the keys around, open up the trunk lid, hand the keys to the Lord Jesus, get inside the trunk, slam the lid down, whisper through the keyhole, 'Lord look, fill'r up with anything you want and you drive, it's up to you from now on.' - Author: Paris Reidhead
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#56. Sweet bleedin' Jesus," Faolan exploded, snatching up the shirt and yanking it back down over her head in one fluid movement. "Do ye think to display yerself for every man on the
beach? Ye doona allow me to look and I'm bloody livin' with ye. - Author: Shannon MacLeod
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#57. O God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, forgive me for becoming so enthralled with my surroundings that I forget to look up and gaze into Thy face. The radiance of Thy face is all I really need. Amen. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#58. I do believe Jesus died so we could feel freed up to go after life to the full, so we would feel equpped to take risks and not beat ourselves up when we fail. He didn't die to make our lives look perfect. He died so we could stop feeling as if our lives have to be perfect for them to mean something. - Author: Mandy Steward
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